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Please please please have more pot smoking... limited hangouts unite! Wtf a gd NASA shirt. 4 hours omg the shitshow of the century.

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Two complete fucking morons!! : ) Well done cultural shapers/drivers of America, Inc.

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You looooove it!

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Jones looks like he's having a breakdown. It's even funnier if you speed it up to 1.25x.

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I watched the whole thing (and everything) at 2x or more.

I was bored. They should just get a room already.

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I loved this entertainment.

Alex's fat attack at 2 hours 5 min is PRICELESS.

Why did they go to the bathroom together for exactly 2 1/2 minutes (i timed it) - both came back sniffling. Joe was wiping his NOSE on his shirt at one point...

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Power to them if they were powdering their noses and rehearsing lines.

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Okay, I'm 2 hours in, Edie Bravo showed up and Now Alex is going balistic 02:04 to be exact.

It's the state of media in entertainment form, I would quit piracy and start paying to see these 3 discuss the news for an hour a day.

Beyond classified Edie...

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I only skipped through it. Is Alex Jones still pro-Trump? And is he telling the truth about changing his mind about Sandy Hook?

He sounded like a weasel trying to weasel his way out of a weasel hole to me.

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He's still pro-Trump-ish. He feels betrayed, but still supportive. He didn't explain his irrational sudden faith in Trump authority, contrary to hating on all presidents before Trump.

He told the truth about him and Sandy Hook. That he raised questions and that shouldn't be a sin, but came around to believe Sandy Hook and another are real. He's annoyed about being tarnished with the other one he didn't even cover and is being unfairly lumped in with as a denier.

I think it's clear they were not 100% legit as he and the MSM claim. But that's me and all the evidence.

Ironically, this video by some black man (assumed by the voice) is posted by "alex jones". This is the same video that was very popular one from years ago, under which I left some more questions, censored I think, but that's gone and this video only had 17 votes. = Wolfgang Halbig = general

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Yeah his Sandy Hook statements were super weaselly. It's like he was expected to apologize but didn't really.

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I think he apologized way to much and supported the official narrative.

I also think he could have insisted that Sandy Hook was not the issue and everything is fair game to question with freeshpeaches.

Maybe it was because I was watching at 2x speed, but I suspect they amped up on more than caffeine. Or maybe it's just an important performance.

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I can't believe you all liked this. His last appearance #911 was better.

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I'm gonna be honest with you, I... I'm kinda retarded

A lot of people think you're a Zionist shill

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Pussy footing avoidance around a perfect opportunity to open up on Israel, Zionists, banksters, Hollywood, and the globalists agendas.

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Alex Jones is irrelevant in 2019 .. he led 911 truth - Jews Did It - before dropping the ball and taking up with dual 911 treasoners R & R Paul, Joe Rogan as for him.

Alex Jones and his then 6 yo son should provide detailed timelines for all of their movements in the hours leading up to the discovery of the bound, tortured body of Christian Palestinian activist Riad Hamad in Lady Bird Lake in Austin TX. April 18, 2008, because at this time they and the late Victor Thorn with whom Jones Sr conducted a studio interview in Austin the same day, are the prime suspects for his murder.

Just like his sire CIA op Dallas Dentist David R Jones should explain his whereabouts when US President John Kennedy was shot dead in Dallas Tx. Nov. 22, 1963 .. makes three generations of the Jones clan will be going thru the gallows trapdoor only if they are found guilty of murder and in Alex Jones' case 911 treason, in legal proceedings instituted by the US Justice Dept.

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"Jews Did It"

Be more specific! Say Zionists did it or something else.

Alex Jones and Dick Cheney are not Jews, so be accurate or be a liar.

When "they" make SaidIt's existence more difficult and censor this site, I'm gonna say, "Dillinger22 and MartinTimothy did it". Perhaps as intended.

Unless a Jew killed your puppy or mommy and daddy? In which case I sympathize and send my condolences and wish you'd grow the fuck up.