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my older post on mark passio:

mark passio strikes me as a satanist and his ufo sighting videos really made me question his credibility


for example how mark passio, alex jones, michael tsarion, jordan maxwell, david icke all support, promote and defend each other (passionately at that). i might add the itnj commission (iirc it was robert david steele, the cia asset, specifically) to this list.

further that alex jones and his infowar was created by ted turner and is owned by times warner (my note: their ip address used to point at tw hq in atlanta (!) and who knows it might still be the case)

connections to jay parker, also a fake name, who is a conman (organ aid).

the critical look at his logo featuring the all seeing eye in the triangle, surrounded by roman reef (!) and that he admitted he was born into a catholic family. his logo is a giant tell. symbols are key.

the promotion of ron paul who promoted the opening of the vatican embassy. they were responsible for the murder of abraham lincoln... and i might add, ron paul traveled to rome about 50 times. also a known freemason, who gives speeches at georgetown!

how mark passio actually gives false information regarding his 'occult teachings' (cosmic abandonment, annunaki, reptilians).. btw, his ufo video was what gave him away for me personally.

other things you skipped over was mentioning operation paperclip, the vatican ratlines for the nazi criminals, the catholic wild bill donovan, the founder of the oss/cia (who was mussolinis confidante according to wikipedia). the sheens, the clintons. the mentioning of texe marrs, who hangs around alex jones and is a known anti semite. zecharia sitchin. the involvement of pat buchanan, who is a knight of malta, with the mockingbird project

how trumps sister donated 4m dollars to a jesuit university and how mark passio was completely supporting donald trump, just like alex jones was.