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Hampstead Cover-Up: Alisa & Gabriel's Retractions

Hampstead police interviews

This case is by far the most concrete, indisputable evidence of satanic abuse ever uncovered and it has been successfully quashed without a single arrest. The children were literally given back to the father who was raping them. They described in great detail people, places, times of abuse, types of abuse, genitals, hidden tattoos around genitals of their abusers. None of it was ever investigated.

The corrupt police were allowed to completely refuse any investigation on the weak excuse that they convinced the kids to retract their story.

There is literally nothing else that could have been done outside of vigilantes assaulting the town. If you can't convince someone that pedophiles are allowed to run entire towns where they ritualistically rape children in orgies with the video evidence these children provided there is literally no getting through to them.

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video is private :/

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Looks like all the evidence is being systematically removed from the internet. This website still works.

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thank you

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