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Netflix sucks and YouTube has commercials. Please list your favorite pirate channel.

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Use uBlock Origin to stop ads and RSS to "subscribe" to the decent channels.

YT is actually pretty nice when you're allowed to watch what you want rather than what the robot overlord algorithm decides.

Also, is rumoured to be an OK place if you're looking for a public torrent tracker. I've heard.

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The old YT would play what I wanted. I'd look up Bill Evans and it would play that jazz til the cows came home but now it thinks I should listen to somebody else. Back in the old days, my computer had a CD slot but no more. What is the world coming to? I going to look for uBlock Origin right now. Thanks.

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If you want the same artist like that, try to find like a "Bill Evans playlist" on YT. The already-created playlists are the best way these days to make sure it stays on topic

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Thanks. I hadn't thought of that. All the ads really interrupt the mood and I'm starting to use my old MP3s again.