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u/OhYeaTotally from Reddit:

Hi Fam -

If you have tried all these options and your RENTAL azw4 still isn't DeDRM'ing, I may have an subsidiary solution. Btw, this is only relevant to Mac users.

Q: For those of you who, when you go to edit the file in the DeDRM program folder and nothing works, still. Why?

A: It's because there are actually TWO files.

  1. The one in the main DeDRM folder is specifically for the Windows version of the script.

  2. The file the Mac user needs to edit is a lot more convoluted depending on which version of the DeDRM you download. The most recent DeDRM 6.5.5 will not work on a Mac because Alf made the DeDRM program an externally mounted NTFS drive, rather than a fluid program that runs from your system.

  3. You have to download an older DeDRM and carry the actual program file over to your desktop before you can terminal/pico into the file you need to edit/change.

Additionally - The two things I have learned from all of this is you don't even need Calibre. You just need an older version of DeDRM that doesn't operate by mounting to your system as a "Read Only" external drive.

Hope this helps. xoxox

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u/Jonny511 from Reddit: I've recently found another way to convert files to PDF using Calibre if you're having trouble. This won't always work but is another "tool" to use in case you're having issues.

After DeDRMing a book you can highlight it then select "Convert books" from the top menu icons. I was able to convert several books that originally only made it to epub format and then turn them into a pdf this way.

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u/Crestwave from Reddit: I don’t think you need Calibre for this method. AFAIK you can just use eDRM_Drop_Target.bat (found in the deDRM_App folder), and KindleUnpack.pyc (from the KindleUnpack folder). Also, you may have to apply method 2 from this guide for certain books. Don’t worry, though; it’s not another lengthy guide. You’ll just have to copy and paste one line of text.

EDIT: Oh, and you might want to also add a bunch of free books (you can find them here) to your library if you’re doing the refunding method. IIRC they count as purchases, which will reduce suspicion so you won’t have to contact customer service.