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No. Communism ends individuality. You would have no rights under Communism. Probably best to fuck off.

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if i have to give up all my rights to end copyright law, then that's a fair trade.

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If your human rights is to have a portable killing tool, no thanks. No wonder that the USA has the most of mass shootings.

But if free healthcare, free education is a human right, its way better. Not everyone can afford healthcare and education but it's necessary for the good life of a human being and making it free using taxes is way better than using taxes to sponsor destroying other nations for oil.

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Copyright is anti free market. It is government regulation. Not sure how communism would be a solution.

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While I wouldn't go as far as communism, I would certainly agree that copyright law can fuck right off in its current state.

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That copyright exists is a pretty flimsy argument for commonism. If you don't like Disney don't buy their shit.

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You didn't get it. Its not just Disney products, it's the fact that they were the ones who elected the law for copyright and not citizens. This makes the copyright law undemocratic.

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Disney did not elect copyright laws.
What is copyrighted that you want so much? Video games? TV shows? Corporate software? A book? It's all entertainment, shitty entertainment at that. Are you mad because you have to pay money for a game? Play a free game. Seriously. Play your own music, entertain yourself. You don't need anything, literally anything that's copyrighted.

Whenever I hear people complain about copyright it's always over some weaksauce bullshit like wanting free entertainment. People act like they're being unfairly denied essential entertainment products. Stop suckling at the tit of the entertainment industry and you'll probably stop caring about copyright. When that happens, look into patents. You can use those for free, just can't sell the stuff you make from them. I have a patented 'lighting system' in my backyard. No one gives a shit because I built it myself from the patent and I'm not trying to sell it. There's enough free books and software out there that you can learn from and make your own stuff.

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Piracy affects creators of all sizes and can significantly incredibox impact their livelihoods. While big corporations may have more resources to fight piracy, that does not mean that small creators do not suffer from it.

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Even though I wouldn't go as far as communism phoodle, I agree that copyright law as it is now needs to go away.