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Most reports about Russia or Venezuela is propaganda. What is really going on?
From interviews I understand that many Russians like Putin, and that he was likely the most popular candidate. Did something change? Personally I suspect the CIA to have a full operation going on, just as Venezuela. And probably also in Hong Kong.

If you want to understand the major drive behind the anti-Putin propaganda, you can listen to Abby & Robbie martin's analysis of "The Magnitsky Act: Behind the Scenes". It was banned from Youtube and more.

They also have a report on the Putin Hysteria:

And the Russian elections:

I hope one day we will see so many people protest against voter fraud in the US, or for the release of Assange and such. But we are so much under control that people are protesting for things that are not even realistic or important.

Addition: There huge protests in Paris, and protests for Brexit. But that does not seem to work.

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Came here to basically say this.

Probably Soros money.

Edit:. The protestors may be legit, but the organizers are probably Western backed.

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Did something change? Personally I suspect the CIA to have a full operation going on, just as Venezuela. And probably also in Hong Kong.

Once time you have Facebook= you have their heart. You don't need to being a CIA leader to control them, you just have to be a Faceshit admin to keep showing them violent protest message, they will "follow".

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Here's an article from The Moscow Times:

Nearly 50,000 Protest for Fair Elections in Moscow

According to Wikipedia:

The Moscow Times is an English-language weekly newspaper published in Moscow, with a circulation of 55,000 copies. It is distributed free of charge at places frequented by English-speaking tourists and expatriates such as hotels, cafés, embassies, and airlines and is also available by subscription.

On reddit about The Moscow Times - Is The Moscow Times a western propaganda site?

This is a free newspaper that you can pick up at coffee shops, restaurants, and bars. There are call-girl ads in the back. This is what expats in Moscow pick up if they want to see what bands are playing on the weekend, art exhibits, stuff like that. There's a local job post section.

You have serious newspapers known for news and business- the washington post, new york times, wall street journal. You have tabloid newspapers known for being ridiculous- the daily mail, the new york post, the sun. The Moscow Times is in another category: free independent newspapers that are very focused on local news, contain advertising for local businesses, and have a local entertainment guide.

That being said, I'd say it is definitely not a propaganda site, but it is very liberal-leaning and has some bias.

Relevant arrticles are also on MSN, CNN, and Fox News which states:

Beliy Schetchik, a group that monitors attendance of public meetings, said it counted about 50,000 people at the demonstration, but police put that figure at 20,000.

And RT also has an article: Over 130 detained in Moscow after protesters break off from peaceful rally to walk the streets

Moscow has witnessed several unauthorized rallies over the past few weekends, after some opposition figures called on their followers to take to streets and storm the City Council over the disqualified candidates. Scuffles during the protests were met with a strong police response, with over 2,300 arrested. The vast majority of them were fined and set free, but some of the activists, who faced charges of provoking mass unrest and public disturbances, remain in custody.

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Nice, thank you for the additional information about this. There's so much going on right now in the world.

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Sure. I just saw the pics you posted and started to research it, so I figured I'd post what I found.