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Inb4 "white liberals bad"

Yes, shapiro, we know

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The Chabadnik is always going to chabad the goyim with noahide chutzpah.

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Even you know that this pic is just low-level hatred. It lowers the discourse on some of the otherwise valid concerns about Zionism. In the present case, perhaps you know: is there an article by a Jewish person that explicitly states: "all white people should die"?

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Well, OP is claiming all Jews. But then again, the amount of Zionist Jews that do this are only racilising people under the banner of ethno-nationalism and maybe Netanyahu and Israel can be based! /s It's great optics but sort of obvious.

It lowers the discourse on some of the otherwise valid concerns about Zionism.


perhaps you know: is there an article by a Jewish person that explicitly states: "all white people should die"?

Yes, on twitter. But nearly all of them are Zionists. Look at the JIDF shilling comments that I was sent. There are a lot of supremacist Jews that think like this but this photo is centered on hating the progressive and leftist. They don't usually say all white people should die, jsut that whiteness is a parasite that should be eradicated or that the whtie race should dissapear. A quick search will show you this.

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Thanks for the clarification

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I don't think all Jews think this way, I just personally have seen many on social media say stuff like this.

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They are the "influencers" - or try to be.

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This is a crude, stupid low effort cartoon from a midwit poster, but the basic message illustrates an inescapable phenomenon that is by now well documented. You likely know this.

Have there been real examples of those exact words? Probably not. I mean Hitler and the Nazis never explicitly stated that about Jews either, so you are throwing out a strawman argument that deflects from the continual incitement and genocidal language now routinely used by “journalists” and “academics” who are disproportionately Jewish and are writing or speaking on media owned or dominated by Jewish editors and executives or at academic institutions dominated by Jewish donors and leadership.

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    I didn’t attack you, i attacked the OP. Did you even read my comment?

    If you are really that defensive you should probably ditch this forum and go watch cat videos on youtube.

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    u/fschmidt right now

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    He's the good kind of Jew.

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    Honestly, who really cares. Lots of Jews are like this, at least the media pundit progressive Zionist and 'right-wing' likudnik types but just be a Christian, expose it and then ignore and follow Christ.

    Also, pedo homo Jew, Milo, the grifting Zionist is now 100% 'straight,' after changing his foreign agent status role and now says "white liberal women" are the cause of the destruction of the US and should be dealt with. Hmmmm.

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    I care.

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    like the new War on Whites waged by (((Fellow Whites)))

    Both AG Merrick (Garland) Garfinkel and DHS secretary Alejandro Mayorkas are Jews but I'll bet not 5% of the public knows it.

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    Worse, they're fond of the aparthied state of Israel and are Zionists.

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      Israel was given to Christians through the promise of God

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      Idiotic straw man.

      Living rent free in your Nazi heads.