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axioms can be used as building blocks and combined similar to letters in an alphabet to create formulas, which would be analogous to words.

That's what axioms are:

I'm kind of making this all up on the fly...

Join the club. I'm a little busy atm for now, but I'll come back on this, this conversation took me over some some things I haven't really thought about.

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Mnemonic. I've read many of your posts, and comments. You are an exceptionally intelligent person.
I doubt it would be a challenge for you to poke holes in most fallacious arguments, without bothering to l verify sources, or content.
I agree with the majority of your argument. However, on occasion I'm a bit of a stickler meeseeks.

Also, I'm quite familiar with axioms. I figured I'd toss in a basicl description for the casual reader.

However, I did forget how insanely technical mathematicians are wont to be. I appreciate the refresher.

This is fun. I look forward to future philosophical discussions