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Excellent work, JasonCarswell. This is such a crucial issue for the public to be aware of.

The Dutroux affair implicated a whole bunch of elites as well. Tens of thousands of Belgians took to the streets in protest of how mishandled the "investigation" was.

Neringa Venckiene, the lithuanian judge who was railroaded by her country and extradited from the US implicated higher-ups in gov't. but not sure that qualifies as elites? The hundreds of police officers that showed up at her house kind of do, though...

Additionally, also not elites per se, but Sen. Nancy Schaeffer and her husband were murdered for exposing the systematic kidnapping and abuse of children through CPS. Her report is heartbreaking and enraging.

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Added (and revised the article and lists - just moving misc stuff around to where it belongs better). I can cite to your comment if you like. I don't want to presume.

In the article I improved the definition of "elites" to include regional authorities, religious leaders, high-ranking public officials and wealthy businesspeople - the ruling class. I don't know if that meets your idea. CPS is "authority" and authorized by the laws made by the "leaders" - like all government. I already had a section barely started. I knew about her but forgot her name, glad to have added that too - thanks.

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So glad you're doing this. I don't want any credit but will gladly toss you things as I remember or find them. I find the whole ongoing thing and its relentless coverups so appalling and frustrating to see it continue for decades. ETA: and yes, wonderful that you are including non-elite elites bc they are all involved in this cesspit.

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Feel free to send me anything you like, rework my never-final words, or even draft up new paragraphs or sub-categories if you like. I can link credit to you or simply just add them leaving people to assume I wrote it. Even as a point form list of links it's not a bad resource.