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Added (and revised the article and lists - just moving misc stuff around to where it belongs better). I can cite to your comment if you like. I don't want to presume.

In the article I improved the definition of "elites" to include regional authorities, religious leaders, high-ranking public officials and wealthy businesspeople - the ruling class. I don't know if that meets your idea. CPS is "authority" and authorized by the laws made by the "leaders" - like all government. I already had a section barely started. I knew about her but forgot her name, glad to have added that too - thanks.

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So glad you're doing this. I don't want any credit but will gladly toss you things as I remember or find them. I find the whole ongoing thing and its relentless coverups so appalling and frustrating to see it continue for decades. ETA: and yes, wonderful that you are including non-elite elites bc they are all involved in this cesspit.

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Feel free to send me anything you like, rework my never-final words, or even draft up new paragraphs or sub-categories if you like. I can link credit to you or simply just add them leaving people to assume I wrote it. Even as a point form list of links it's not a bad resource.