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Sorry for the reddit link, but the discussion in the comments is pretty key to understanding what this is about, this is all brand new and people are just starting to connect the dots in the last day or two.

Looks like wayfair-brand furniture is selling these cabinets for $14k each through wayfair. Then they got called out for this being weird pricing with huge differences in what appear to be similar models, and then they removed all of them suddenly without explanation. Then it turns out if you google (or yandex) the serial numbers from the cabinets, it shows lewd pictures of children. And then the unique names of the cabinets match the names of missing children, which is shown in this tweet:

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So at least as far as the serial numbers go, the first few letters cause you to search which was a russian image hosting site that pedos use to host soft content, and it doesn't matter what comes after the first few letters, so it's probably unrelated to the cabinets.

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Maybe it's nothing, maybe it's not, I don't know. I'm just making this info available so more people can look in to it

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This whole thing has taken over the conspiracy subreddit and overshadowed Maxwell’s reddit account. I am suspicious that it’s legit.

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Yes this is a very good point. It could be a maxwellhill cover. It is absolutely everywhere on that sub.

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I liked your theory, so I made this post on the conspiracy subreddit:

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Whoa, that looks like the real deal. I would call the FBI but I'm not in the USA.

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Yeah and one of the head wayfair owners got an award from the Clintons a few years ago, what a coincidence

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Man, who is going to stop these monsters? Aren't there actually decent people in senior positions of the alphabet agencies, the military, or what. Or even an indecent, rotten horrible dude with cancer who decides to go out doing something right for a change? I guess that's too much to ask for?

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Screenshots mean nothing. Get archive links if you discover something like this. That second thread has a link to wayfair site with expensive lights. But three thousand dollars for custom-made lights weighing 60 pounds is believable.