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The Vatican has more rings than a jewelry store

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lords of the rings

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I was raised Catholic. My mother heard the early rumors, and did not involve my family in any church activities beyond CCD and mass.
I though that was great, cause to me it was all bullshit. I'd have skipped it all.

Our church priest was a cool guy that everyone really liked, and genuinely cared for. He was funny too. I was baptized a bit late ~3yrs old, and I was a bit of a hellion. After the baptism he turned to my parents and grandparents and said, "I'm not sure it took.". My family loves that story The guy was hilarious.

When he turned 65 the church forced him into retirement. The entire church was sad, and he fought desperately to continue past retirement because it was obvious that he loved his work. It seemed the church didn't want this kind old man to continue do what he loved, and that never made sense to me. I think he was too progressive, so the bishop didn't approve.
We were all concerned about who the next priest world be. The new priest seemed like a decent enough fellow, but it wasn't the same. We had close family friends who were very active in the church, so I think we might have gotten word about any negativity. I never heard a single negative word spoken about the first preist. The only negative thing I heard about the second priest, was that he wasn't as cool as the first. I think we were truly fortunate.
The problem in that the hideous pedophilia culture is endemic, so you can never be certain.

I moved on shortly thereafter. The whole notion of wine and bread transmuting into blood and flesh of an ancient half-God was so rediculous to me as a kid that I knew I had to find answers elsewhere.

My memories of the church aren't bad; other than the fact that it was boring, and stupid, and on during Sunday morning cartoons, which inconveniently ended at about the same time that church did.

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The church is morally corrupt, from the wealth of the Vatican to the crimes it covers up.