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Also the stuff about the DNC busing around people to fill out rallies.

I really wish they hadn't sullied themselves early on with the Acorn thing.

But now they seem to be hitting on some pretty serious stuff. Assuming they're not controlled opposition, which is also possible

If they over-focus in the idea he was murdered rather than committed suicide, and ignore the possibility of him escaping entirely, then that will confirm my suspicions that O'keefe is a limited hangout situation.

I guess we'll see tomorrow!

In my opinion, Epstein would not have gotten on the plane from Europe to the US, knowing he was going to be arrested, unless he also knew he would get away. So I think he's alive somewhere right now. I think the photo of him dead being wheeled out was faked, and I think the autopsy was faked.

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A bit about Veritas funding:

Much of the funding for Project Veritas comes from anonymous donations through Donors Trust, a conservative, American nonprofit donor-advised fund backed by the Koch brothers, which according to its promotional materials, says that it will "keep your charitable giving private, especially gifts funding sensitive or controversial issues."[21][22] Prominent donors include the Trump Foundation, which, in May 2015, donated $10,000.


I consider them thoroughly partisan (and maybe even Zionist), but I'm happy to see some actual investigative journalism happening.

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wikipedia lol

they seem to be trying to paint them as a right wing organization without much evidence

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Project Veritas is clearly a right wing/conservative operation, look at the targets of all of their stories. And OKeefe is already a public figure at this point.

Here's more on the funding... maybe he's a libertarian agent provocateur, or maybe he's just in it for the Koch!

But then of course I stumbled onto some indirect sort-of Israel connections:

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One-sided, but very good watchdog journalism.
Exposed some criminal activities in previous election, that no-one else reported about. Like organizing and initiating violence during Trump gatherings.

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poor wikipedia. Pushing a leftist line, and begging for money, forgetting that all us little normal people don't pay for shite

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way to paint them as a victim, shill...

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piss off back to 4chan.

and learn some reading comprehension skills before you come back

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Is he a shill though?

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just shows they get money from koch brothers, thank you kochs, they fund lots of repubs

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Generally, sure. But it's also possible he thought he'd beat this one like he did the last one and/or was misled.

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Well they released a video and it promotes the he was murdered narrative and that an ABC anchor wanted to get the Epstein narrative out there but were threatened not to broadcast. Seemed scripted.

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plus infowars pushing a 'killed' narrative makes it less believable