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look at that that curve, it's topping out. we can do 20 billion no problem. what item's scarcity is an issue? food, water, and medicine are in short supply in a few places, but they probably always have been.

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Overpopulation is a myth.

The ruling class has established a system where the only purposes people have are to work/serve and to consume.

If they had actually engineered a fair system where things were built to last and function properly, not be semi-disposable, then the resources would be more efficiently utilized. If people found happiness in community then there'd be more art, creativity, and sharing (much like Burning Man).

Next time you drive down the street in your neighbourhood I want you to look at all the houses and count how many lawn mowers are in used. Perhaps 1 lawnmower per block would suffice and could be shared in a community coop. This applies to MANY things. How many people have a van they rarely use? Camping gear? Swimming pools? Etc.

Our sense of COMMUNITY is gone and replaced with consumerism. Fix that and you fix much.

Every community should have several gardens with diverse crops.

Natural remedies have been as killed off by Big Pharma as much as all the unnatural deaths of Naturapathic Doctors in the last decade.

People should not be working for "the man" but be working for themselves and taking pride in the unique things they create for themselves. You can work for a week to afford to buy a new sofa - or you can work for a week and build your own custom sofa, the way you want it.

And that's not even getting into the absurdist math they push on us. If people returned to the country away from the cities they'd find more than enough resources, even with the giant corporations raping the planet.