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If I contributed to this, I didn't mean to drive you off the site (or I would've banned you). I and most others are glad to have you here as long as you don't put saidit in danger of being shut down. I don't make the rules, I just follow them. Also I had nothing to do with you getting banned from /s/Incels, those were sub mods who wield no power over the site as a whole.

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I don't make the rules, I just follow them.

This is the Nuremberg defense. Don't follow orders that are wrong. The things that I was censored for didn't put saidit in danger of being shut down.

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They did. We always think "it could never happen to us" but then it does.

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SaidIt just lost it's most valuable member. What a loss for some pathetic censorship. I mean he has hundreds of posts where he wishes death on modern scum, what's new? By your own standard's he should be banned long ago. Fschmidt and Cornfed were the best members here and both were driven off by censorship. A big loss for such a small community.

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I always find it funny when someone announces their departure, as if anyone truly gives a shit. The ones who care today, won't tomorrow, and if they do tomorrow, certainly by the end of the week you'll be long forgotten.

Doesn't really surprise me here though. You literally think you're the only non-scum noble actor on the planet, which definitely leans towards the large self-importance you're showing here.

See you later scumbucket. I'll bet you've got alot more scum on you than you'd care to realize and admit. Just a hunch.

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Good riddance! =D

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Why choose Site does not even suppport https.

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HTTPS is mostly for modern scum. FreedIt will default to HTTPS for modern scum, but I will opt out for my forums. Nabble, which Mikraite uses, defaults to HTTP with HTTPS optional.

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Edit: I moderate it so little I haven't even looked at it. I might actually have to do some clean up. I'll assess that.

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I'd pop along over to matrix now by the way, might be a good time to do a bit of moderation.

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Thank you. I appreciate that. Let me know if you ever want to be a moderator.

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Thanks but I have Mikraite for now and I am slowly developing FreedIt which should be much better than a Reddit clone.

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I will miss you. We don't agree completely but I understand the frustration with modern scum.

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Idk dude, fschmidt is pretty distinctive in his views, there aren't any other accounts with a style quite like that. I don't agree with him much, but he certainly isn't trying to hide his identity or the things he believes in