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Don't expend energy on things you have no control over. As for your example, I'm not a programmer(although I've dabbled with high-level languages such as Basic(yikes!), Python and know my way around a Unix/Linux shell) but I agree these syntax ''improvements'' are a step back. Symbols can't adequately represent words and while it's shorter, it sure isn't better. In a world of emojis, Internet slang and social media snippets, the average IQ and attention span have plummeted and this is reflected in the coding world. I do not own a cell phone but am still addicted to that feedback loop provided by social media(i.e.: YT's algorithm) when I'm on the computer. I'd like to disconnect but am afraid to miss out on the impending Apocalypse. Hell is other people.

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Don't expend energy on things you have no control over.

What don't I have control over?

Hell is other people.

Not all other people, but primarily modern scum (members of modern culture).

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What don't I have control over?

Other people.

Not all other people, but primarily modern scum (members of modern culture).

I think it's more of a generational clash. What are elements of modern culture according to you? The modern era goes back to the industrial revolution according to whoever's in charge of ''official'' history. What is modernity? It is the sum of our technical, social, economical and political achievements thus far. Therefore, ''modern era'' is a bit of a misnomer as the time we live in is the modern era. I bet the humans that discovered the concept of wheel felt pretty modern. Anyway, a lot of modern things suck and yes, we might have reached our peak a couple of years ago and it's all going downhill now. God have mercy on our souls.

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I don't expand energy on modern scum, but humans are tribal and I think it is worth expending some energy to seek or form good tribes.

Modern culture has been decaying since about 1920 and is now pure evil. Its current population should be exterminated.

You can find my core thoughts on my Arkian site.

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Genocide should never be an option. If ''they'' manage to find happiness in slavery, just let them be. I'd rather isolate myself from the lot if I can manage to survive on my own or hopefully, with like-minded people.

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I follow the Old Testament which is full of genocide, which is one reason I love it. But I have no personal interest in genocide, I will leave that to God. Obviously you didn't read my Arkian link, or you would know what my focus is.

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The Old Testament has been severely corrupted over millenia. It used to be a lot more like the New Testament (which is itself corrupted, but not as much since they've had a lot less time to do it).

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It used to be a lot more like the New Testament


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Jeremiah 7-8

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Do not hate living beings. Hate that which pushes them to love what is awful and hate what is good.

Hating living beings harms you. It lowers your spirit to the level of the basest of animals. You should strive to be better than this, and the first step is to hate no living being.

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Agreed. Feelings of hatred are destructive to the self. It's easier said than done though and is something I struggle with on a daily basis.

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Eventually Psience: Revolution of Mind will be available in English.