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Thank you whoever made this post. I hate the modern phone interface look.

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Of course sticking with XP would have been better. XP wasn't bad at all. But that would be contrary to the forces of history. Everything is getting worse in modern culture, from music to architecture to politics and to everything else. So of course good OS's are replaced by bad OS's.

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No, windows would still be a terrible operating system. It only exists because Microsoft's Unix license was in limbo after the government broke up AT&T/Bell Labs. It is an absolute trainwreck of instability, and due to the need for backwards compatibility it always will be.

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The radical changes stem from a Microsoft inferiority complex. There's a perception that they've never really invented anything. Their first BASIC interpreter, MS-DOS, Flight Simulator, Windows, .NET, SQL Server- these were all copied, licensed, or acquired. As a result, Microsoft's "holy grail" is inventing something truly novel, like Apple did with the iPhone.

Unfortunately that's just not in their DNA, so "innovative" versions of Windows (like Vista or Windows 8) tend to be really bad. Microsoft's attempts at smartphones (which predate the iPhone) were similarly bad. They're just not a company you can trust to innovate well, and when they throw their big money in that direction some truly terrible things result.

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That's why they should've stayed with XP. Hell my grandma was even learning it till they threw it all away when Micro'fk decided it should be more difficult to learn and everything much more hidden. Other grandma's were learning it too as XP was at the sweet spot of computers being powerful enough to be useful but simple enough to learn. ME was a horrible experience for many and turned people away and 98 was more for those already with some level of familiarity with computers but still very good usability with only one or two clicks to even do advance features.

We were too far away from her to really help her but Dad tried to go up there to help but one of our family members took the old computer away and gave her an Apple instead which neither she nor dad knew what to do with it! LOL. The family member is an Apple snob and thought it would 'fix' the problems. Now that same person is complaining none of their old music software and other software works since an update about a year or so ago. He's going thru what we went thru with 64 bit back under Obama!

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Or did Microsoft just become a front for NSA surveillance that wanted to monitor everything everyone uses their computer to illustrate or create? Everyone at Microsoft knows the world wanted Windows XP or Windows 7 and no one asked for Windows 8. No one asked for any of that touch screen phone junkware that only serves to reduce the accuracy of human interactions with the software yet they forced it on everyone and definately no one asked for cloud computing that demands an online presence all of the time.

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They are actually making a killing on cloud computing, unlike windows 8 and the smartphones, although I share your sentiment