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Interesting take on progressives being people who have faith in human reason.

I don't see how Go measuring multiple factors makes it better than an IQ test though. What if some of the factors that Go is measuring are bad things? I suck at Go because Go has a bunch of stupid rules and I am bad at learning stupid rules. For example, I capture more pieces than the computer, but when I check the score I am somehow losing by a lot. In checkers you win by capturing the most pieces. In chess you win by killing the king. But in Go, whether you win or lose is based on some complicated formula. Do you really want to select for people who will readily pick up and internalize whatever complicated system you present to them?

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Thanks for being the first person to offer critical feedback, I appreciate it. But I will argue my position.

Go uses a very simple formula, namely points you control minus pieces that you lost. What Go does with this formula is to select against autistic thinking that misses the big picture. Anyone who focuses on details instead of the big picture will definitely lose in Go. This is in contrast to games that are about capture where the contrast between details and the big picture is much less pronounced.