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Usually when I meet someone named Goldberg or Cohen, they are Jewish, and conversely, when I meet someone who is Jewish they have a Jewish sounding last name. When was the last time you met a Jew whose last name was Jones? So I haven't seen evidence of Jews intermarrying with WASPs.

I think the dumbing down of Jews has the same cause as the same as the dumbing down of everyone else, and that is TV. It's just that the effect on Jews is greater because Jews have more intelligence to lose.

TV works by training its audience to turn off the critical thinking part of their brain. It brainwashes the audience to think that those who agree with the majority are smart, and those critical thinking abilities lead them to a different conclusion are stupid.

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The assumption is that if someone is Jewish then their children will also identify as Jewish, which I don't think will always be the case. 90% of Jews could marry goyim, but if their children don't identify as Jewish then the Jewish gene pool will remain pure. I think the more convincing study would be one that looks at what percentage of Jews have a non-Jewish parent, and compares those born before 1980 with those born after 1980.

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When Jews marry out they generally lose their religion and stop identifying as Jews, that's why you don't see them.

The Jewish population of the UK was halving every 10 years at one point just from marrying out and converting, so it's happening.

I mean we also have a fair few English surnames which are common in Jews here, Hall and Allen are two which I've seen a few times locally. Possibly because the population simply doesn't have room to be that segregated from the rest of us like they do in America.