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Democrats and Republicans are just 2 versions of scum

Both are clearly scum, yes.

Democrats are worse scum than Republicans

More plainly evil scum. If the Democrats didn't exist or were the opposition party, Republicans would still ruin 'Murika. But more slowly, I guess. Whatever.

Biden hands out millions of new citizenships

This has been going on for some time and will now accelerate. That is a very significant, though I suppose indirect, contributing factor to stealing the election. The direct stuff was obvious, though. You missed it?

USA will become a one party state

Arguably has been for some time. The real rulers that is. Just listen to some of good ole' Georgie Carlin's routines. He told us like thirty years ago.

the right is so dumb that it doesn't even care.


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Here is the concrete evidence that the election was stolen. Trump is a compulsive liar but Giuliani is not.

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The election wasn't stolen. Trump has been priming his supporters to accept his fraud allegations months before the election took place. How did he know the election was going to be stolen months before it happened? Trump is an obvious and shameless liar. He is the one who said he had proof Obama was born in Kenya. He is the one who was behind the Trump University scam.

There are plenty of people who are terrified of the coronavirus and they want Trump out of office because the media keeps saying Trump is not doing enough to protect them from the coronavirus. This is why Biden won.

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You're a moron pretending to have any idea whats going on.

"Trump University" was a RE seminar exactly like every other one.

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The fox didn't eat those Chickens. My neighbor has been warning me about that fox and the hole in my chicken coup for months. Clearly he's just been priming me to believe the fox did it because he knew he wanted to steal those chickens months in advance.

The fact that he's been warning me for months is proof the fox didn't do it. How could somebody ahead of time know what a fox was going to do? That does not make sense.

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If Trump knew in advance that Democrats were going to steal the election from him, then there must have been some facts that lead him to this conclusion. What facts lead Trump to believe Democrats were going to steal the election from him?

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What facts lead Trump to believe Democrats were going to steal the election from him?

The push for mail-in ballots.

But actually Trump didn't push the idea that the election would be stolen. He knew that there would be cheating but he didn't think it would be at the scale that actually happened, so he thought his margin of victory would be bigger than the amount of cheating. He was wrong.

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Mail in ballots are not something new. I clearly remember my mother voting by absentee ballot in 2004. Why did no one question the integrity of mail in votes in that election?

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That's different. Most absentee ballots are never opened or counted. They are only counted when the election is close enough that they could matter. They have significantly more security attached to them, and can be used to do ballot harvesting.

Contrast this to the norm of voting. You vote in person, everyone on the same day, in a building that is occupied by election officials and observers for the whole day, and nothing happens in any place besides one room. You take your ballot and feed it into the machine yourself and set it aside. At the end of the day the machine and the physical ballots have to match and so you can't tamper with either one without it being discoverable. This is what makes an election verifiable. You can't cheat that system.

With mass mail-in ballots and allowance for ballot harvesting means someone can just show up to the polling place with bins and bins and bins of ballots, all with the same signature on them and all voting the same way and say, hey, these are valid ballots, and they have to be accepted. This is not a verifiable system. Ballots whose history of custody can't be verified between the voter and the machine can't be verified. That's why having the voter themselves put it in the machine is the best.

Not having fraud is only one property. It is much more important that a voting system is verifiable, which mail-in ballots are not. Especially in the way we did it.

As a programmer the whole thing disgusts me. The lack of understanding of verifiable systems and protocols by the population and the lack of verifiability in every step of their process goes against everything I know about how to do anything. It's just wrong. It's just wrong. And the morons who watch the news and smugly say things were secure because the news told them are the worst kind of useful idiots, as if watching the news makes anyone knowledgeable about anything. These people shouldn't be allowed to have opinions. And the fact that the news tricks them into thinking they know enough that they could have a useful one has created a mob of morons.

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The rules changed. It varies by state but generally you had to request mail-in ballots instead of having them automatically mailed to you. Basically the scale of mail-in ballots was too small to steal an election, and this was changed. But of course the stealing of this election involved more than just mail-in ballots, they cheated in every imaginable way. But the push for more mail-in ballots was the clue for what was coming.

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You should stopped after Dems and Republicans being 2 version of scum. You hit the nail on the head there. They are two version of scum who play on the same scum team. One is not better or worse than the other. To think anything different would of happened if Donald won the presidency with the evidence we already have is silly. He's been in lock step with the elite agenda these last 4 years. Get over the savior complex bro. To think a man like that instead compromised is silly. These people are not your friend, they are not out for the common man.

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I understand your reasoning but it isn't right. I don't think anyone outside America can fully appreciate the clusterfuck of this presidential election, so I will try to explain.

What changed in the last 4 years is that big tech became the dominant economic force in the world. They are purely evil and only seek power. They hated Trump because they couldn't control him, so they wanted to replace him with someone they could control. In the democratic primary, you mostly had the usual leftists. These leftists have misguided morals, but they have morals. They sincerely believe in gay rights and the rest of the leftist nonsense. This doesn't suit big tech at all for whom morals are nothing but obstacles to power and control. Big tech gladly repeats leftist nonsense, but big tech has no real beliefs. So they supported the only candidate with no morals, no beliefs. And that was Biden. The VP is the same. Unfortunately for big tech, that meant that they had a ticket of a senile zombie and a wicked witch who had no appeal at all to voters. Any other democratic candidate would have beaten Trump, but this pathetic pair was so lacking in charisma that they managed to lose. Of course big tech easily remedied this with massive cheating. The raw evidence of cheating is overwhelming, so yes the election was stolen.

All this puts big tech in an awkward position. They own most of the politicians but a large number of Americans know that they have been cheated. The only way for big tech to deal with this is to now implement a full police state like Stalinist Russia, and that is what is coming very soon. And of course this is the ideal political system for big tech. No more need for them to deal with competition or dissent.

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I understand what you're saying but can't say I'm convinced. I mean I'm not saying it's impossible but am more of an opinion that this is not what took place. Some of the problems with your story are

  1. Trump didn't hurt big tech at all in his presidency. The worst he did was to annoy them by tweeting inspid nonsense, so why would they need to control him so much? It would be different if he tried to break them up or anything. As for Article 230 being repealed/changed, wouldn't that lead to even bigger censorship? I don't know.

  2. You mention Biden/Harris being unlikable. Hillary was even more unlikable and still won the popular vote, and Trump won by very small margins in Rust Belt states. So I don't see why he wouldn't lose by very small margins this time.

  3. I don't see why Biden doesn't also sincerely hold the beliefs about gay rights or whatever. He's been around for a long time, his views are known. A lot of Democrats running were even sleazier than him (Beto, for example), the only ones that seemed to be able to create some sympathy were Yang and Tulsi.

  4. What about the courts? Why did all the lawsuits fail?

As for the cheating evidence, the quality of Giuliani's evidence is something that is impossible to judge for somebody who doesn't deeply understand the mechanism of these elections. As an European, what he's saying is Korean to me. But I did hear Trump's phone call to Georgia officials and Trump was just spouting conspiracy theories.

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Good questions. I will answer as numbered.

  1. By doing nothing, Trump left big tech constrained by rule of law. For example big tech's recent attack on Parler is a blatant violation of antitrust law. This wasn't possible under Trump. Big tech is threatened by the free market. Their software is decaying and they are out of touch with consumers, so alt-tech and other companies are threats. So they want to use the government to take complete control. Also, taking over the government generally increases their power, and power is their goal. Even during Trump, they were able to buy most of Congress but they couldn't buy Trump.
  2. This may be hard for a European to see, but to the average American Hillary Clinton had much more charisma in 2016 than Biden has now. She wasn't senile and she actively campaigned. In this election, BLM also helped Trump in the Rust Belt states. The Democrats weren't so obviously hostile to middle America in 2016.
  3. Reality is generally irrelevant in America. The reality of Biden's record is that he never actively supported leftist causes. He was basically just completely corrupt and served corporate interests, particularly credit card companies. He was tough on crime because that got him votes in the past. Nothing that he said in this campaign is supported by his voting record.
  4. The courts are part of the political class and all of the political class abandoned Trump. And for good reason. Trump is a pathological liar. The only people stupid enough to believe Trump are the moronic masses on the right. The political class knows that everything that Trump says is worthless. So Trump's promises of support are worthless and Trump's threats can be ignored. In contrast, the threats from the globalists (big tech, Soros, etc.) are very real. Any action against the globalists means a serious attack on one's political career. So this is why the entire political class, including the courts, abandoned Trump.

In Trump's phone call to Georgia officials, Trump was just alluding to the kind of evidence Giuliani talked about. I used to ignore conspiracy theories, but now the globalist conspiracy for the great reset is in plain sight. Big tech is part of that conspiracy because the basic point of the whole thing is for the upper class to take complete control and reduce the rest of the world to serfdom, and this certainly appeals to big tech.

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    Calling Biden a socialist is an insult to socialism. (Of course I don't like socialism, but Biden is much worse.)

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      We're going to get social and economic collapse. It will be notable.

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      And it's what you deserve.

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      People deserve the results they create.

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      This notion of individual responsibility for everything that happens to one is a cockamamie Americanism/modernism.

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      It's simply how reality works. Cause and effect.

      Every current circumstance is a direct result of past behavior. If results were disconnected from behaviors, then organisms would not engage in behaviors in the first place. (to say the least)

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      Cause and effect

      Yes, but it's complex and group actions affect individual circumstances more than the other way round. In medieval times, if that means anything to you, people generally accepted their station in life as more or less inevitable and fixed. Pullin' yerself up by yer bootstraps is kind of a modern Americanism.

      Every current circumstance is a direct result of past behavior.

      Not only yours and mine, though. But our ancestors'. And those of their allies and foes, too.

      If results were disconnected from behaviors, then organisms would not engage in behaviors in the first place.

      Disagree. Most organisms (very much including the one classified as homo sapiens sapiens) are not even sentient/self-aware. So they don't care why they engage in behaviors. They respond to stimuli (humans also respond to complex social stimuli known as incentives). And there is environmental feedback to behavior. But it works on evolutionary timescales, mostly. Organisms are genetically pre-programmed. Can the programming be modified? Yes, but this works mostly on group level.

      An individual human lifetime is simply too short and, in the present era, too bereft of tradition, to be able to really have enough "training" for peeps to be expected to have real responsibility on individual level.

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      group actions affect individual circumstances more than the other way round.

      Joining or remaining part of a group is a behavior.

      So they don't care why they engage in behaviors.

      Doesn't matter if they care, or if they're aware. The totality of their behaviors has resulted in them being alive as a species. A subset of their behaviors as a species along the way has removed those whose behaviors result in death.

      Peeps don't have to accept responsibility; Reality will do that for them on an individual basis. See that video I posted today where the bullies taunted and abused their neighbor until he shot both of them to death.

      On the larger timeline, our collective behaviors as a species (vis-à-vis overpopulation, pollution, moral degeneracy, and jewish supremacy) appear poised to result in consequences far beyond the expectations of most people. As a member of this species with no way to cancel membership, I have to accept the role I've played in creating this impending future.

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      This is not always the case. Sometimes people create results out desperation, ignorance, illness and similar reasons. But this is not what happened here. Americans are pure evil scum and deserve to suffer much more harshly than they do now.