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Yeah it's fucking hilarious all these know nothing do-gooders jumping on the hydrogen bandwagon. Not to mention all the issues with storage and delivery.

Years ago I got tired of my sister crowing about her fucking Prius and sent her info about the actual carbon foot print to build the car and batteries, as well as on nickel strip mining. She's still mad at me for daring to shake her self satisfied world view.

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all the issues with storage and delivery

And what "issues" are those?

There are >15,000 hydrogen powered forklifts operating now in North America. Haven't heard of any "issues" with storage.

H2 can be made on site or locally, that makes tankers from the middle east obsolete. But you have to know enough about H2 to understand the benefits.

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I think he's referring to the fact that it's nearly impossible to store it as a liquid because of the pressures involve and the fact that it likes to leak through almost anything at those pressures. Not being able to store it as a liquid means range isn't going to be good at all. Forklifts are always at the shop, and use a lot less power than a car, or worse, a semi-trailer. Forklifts also use propane. You aren't suggesting that means propane is practical for cars are you.

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it's nearly impossible to store it as a liquid because of the pressures involve

It's maintaining the temperature that is challenging with LH2

Hydrogen got the Apollo missions to the moon and back. You aren't suggesting that, in 2019- 50 years later- H2 cannot be stored? Guess what- we have carbon fibre now. Even better than whatever they used 50 years ago.

Toyota shoots a 50 Calibre bullet at a 700 bar full H2 tank

fact that it likes to leak through almost anything at those pressures

Mike Strizki, one of the top H2 pioneers in the world, has stored H2 made from excess solar energy in old propane tanks since around 2005. You can see his system and the tanks in videos at his website -

It really doesn't matter what anyone thinks about this matter, China is moving to literally own the entire hydrogen industry as you read this. They can get things done- they are building Hydrogen Cities and Hydrogen Corridors now. China's Father of Battery EV's has called for a pivot to H2.

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cryogenic air, now that is a good way to buffer renewable energy.

Something that doesn't naturally burn given the slightest excuse, and that isn't the smallest atom possible.

oh, and

It really doesn't matter what anyone thinks about this matter

is so you.

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oh, like the bus that blew up running into a bridge earlier in the year.

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And what do you do with the batteries when they complete their life cycle?

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The virtuous hate to learn that they are fools.

I know I did when I first woke up to the lie that is western liberal democracy and values

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i heard good things about thorium

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So have I, but I lack the knowledge to assess the reality of the idea

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Bigger is better. Personally, though, I do prefer Rhodium.

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Do you know what's really green. Nuclear. Most efficient way to get energy per fossil fuel consumed. It takes fossil fuels to make solar power possible. It takes fossil fuels to make wind power possible. It takes fossil fuels to make nuclear power possible to an extent, but it takes so much less.

You dig up a little ground, you chemically refine it, you enrich it (that part sucks), you build one facility, and bam, you've powered a whole state in one go. The refining, which uses the most resources is easier to run with electricity (which can be nuclear), making getting near to zero fossil fuels relative to energy produced possible today. Making wind turbines and solar panels requires so much more mining you aren't going to make that green.

Really, the problem is solved. You just have to be less obsessive about wanting wind and solar for the sake of wanting wind and solar. We could get to near zero reliance on fossil fuels pretty much any time. I think though people secretly want to struggle. They want to rally together to try to accomplish the seemingly impossible. Making an economy based on wind and solar is pretty close to that, which is why it's exciting. It's also really stupid. Whenever you guys are done playing environmentalist we could turn off the CO2 any time.

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yawn. don't you have a sub to go run? You know, the one where you stifle debate?

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I don't "stifle debate". You created a thread calling me a liar, after calling me a liar in a post. Anyone that creates a thread in any of my subs calling me a liar will get banned. Despite your ego, it's nothing personal.

Now carry on pretending it's 1999.

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You were lying.

So I called you a liar.

Seems pretty straight forward to me.

That was after you'd avoided engaging in real debate and just posted endless links unrelated to the point.

Now carry on pretending it's 1999.

Your arrogance and contempt paints a clear picture of your lack of intellectual capacity.

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You were lying.

No I was not lying.

So I called you a liar.

I sincerely hope you do this routinely in real life.

That was after you'd avoided engaging in real debate and just posted endless links unrelated to the point.


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Yeah, you were lying. Repeatedly and quite blatantly.

Hydrogen isn't green. It is neutral. 97% of hydrogen is created using 'unclean' energy.

that was the discussion, and that's nothing you can deal with.

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Yeah, you were lying. Repeatedly and quite blatantly.

Do you run around in real life calling people liars? I hope so.

Hydrogen isn't green.

You are ignorant about this topic.

The slow, inexorable rise of green hydrogen

In the fight against climate change, hydrogen could be the answer to Hong Kong’s quest for greener fuel

Those are examples from the last week. There are countless other examples.

I did not invent the term "Green Hydrogen" as any idiot can see by searching.

I was not lying and you WILL stop calling me a liar.

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i call liars, liars, to their faces, as you have learnt. I'm not sure why you think that's surprising or unusual.

hydrogen isn't green. It is neutral. At the moment, it is dirty as fuck, just like everything else. The people selling/pushing it will lie about it, though.

you WILL stop calling me a liar.


must be irritating to not be able to abuse power to shut me up.

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Dear Saidit: This clown has nothing better to do. Everyone should feel sorry for people like this.

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As if anyone can be bothered to listen to your confession.

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It's so fun to watch this place eat itself already.

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Eventually, solar energy could be used to harvest hydrogen. Using fossel fuels to do so does defeat the purpose of being 100% clean energy.

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