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Americans say a civil war would mean a country like China or Russia would exploit the division of the US and try to invade, but no foreign nation attacked the USA during the first Civil War. Japan did invade China during the Chinese civil war, but the Communists and Nationalists united to fight the Japanese.

The US is a bankrupt warmongering police state now headed for a certain collapse. Americans need to wake up.

Americans are comfortable with food, TV, sex, beer, weed, and AC, but things could decline in a hurry when the US Ponzi economy implodes, Communists come to power in 2020 or 2024, or guns are confiscated.

You can either be a zombie and accept the ruling class support for wars, debt, and tyranny, move abroad or buy a sailboat, or be a rebel and attack the elites, Gestapo, and politicians.

Voting will not work because the US is not a democracy.

Americans must start buying food, gold, and guns or plan to leave.

Americans should urgently try to educate everyone on the dangers or wars, debt, and tyranny. Make a website, talk to people, pass out flyers, and sponsor billboards.

What will you do when the government steals your house, your ATM card doesn't work, the Gestapo shoot people in the street, and a starving man tries to stab you with a butter knife to steal a can of corn?

Guns will help Americans fight tyranny, but Iceland, Ukraine, and Egypt overthrew their governments without guns.

Cubans and North Koreans tolerate tyranny, but are Americans cowards, too?

Fighting Iran for Israel is pointless and doesn't sound exciting, but dying fighting traitors who support debt, censorship, closing churches, gun control, NSA wiretapping, forfeiture, torture, indefinite detention without trial, the end of the right to silence, and kill lists would be worthwhile.