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The US is a police state. Americans need to go hardcore about resisting tyranny now.

If you see any politicians in public, create a crowd, mock them, and tell them that they are not welcome here.

Create a website exposing tyranny and resistance methods.

If you have any artistic skills, create songs and art that spreads awareness about tyranny.

There is no reason to work hard now to pay taxes that fund debt, wars, and tyranny.

The US is no longer a democracy and the government is not legitimate.

Why obey the law if the government and illegal immigrants don't?

Buy guns, gold, and food.

Have an escape plan.

Get out of debt.

Wake people to the dangers of tyranny, debt, and war by talking to people everywhere. Print out flyers. Make a website.


Attend protests.

Run for office.

Resist by avoiding taxes.

Go Galt.


Apply for food stamps and Social Security disability.

Work off the books.

Take your money out the banks.

Go underground.

Go off the grid.

Lose your name.

Become stateless.

Stay silent before the state.

Disobey nanny state laws.

Get out while you can.


Pass the word.

Kill the beast that is killing us.