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The default response American response to the US decline seems to be denial, to attack the messenger, and to praise their beloved government overlords.

Part of the reason that the US is rapidly collapsing now is that Americans are all thin-skinned control freaks and think the police state only applies to others, but that they are exempt from tyranny.

Nazis are overjoyed when negroes are jailed for wearing baggy pants, but then racists are shocked when Fascists are arrested for using hate speech.

Fascists scream with delight when Communists are arrested for wearing a mask, but then racists are stunned when Nazis are arrested for owning a gun.

No one is safe in a police state. Billionaires, politicians, and the Gestapo could all be arrested. Dictators can be toppled.

Americans say that they hate the elites, but then Americans turn around and embrace everything the Jews are selling.

Americans insist that the globalists oppose immorality, illegal immigration, debt, the police state, and wars, but if the 1% controls Hollywood, the media, Wall Street, and the government then why is there immorality, illegal immigrants, debt, tyranny, and wars?

If the ruling class controls everything and supported morality, balanced budgets, freedom, and peace then the USA today would look like the US did in 1960.

If the elites oppose feminism then why do movies and the media praise females and criticize men?

If the ruling class opposes population control then why are birth control, assisted suicide, and abortion legal?

If the ruling powers support morality then why is morality mocked and homosexuality praised?

Would the US have a debt if the globalists opposed debt?

Would the USA be at war if the elites opposed wars?

Do you honestly believe that the US would be a police state if the 1% supported the Bill of Rights?

Jews, Nazis, and Commies all support immorality, illegal immigrants, debt, the police state, and wars and scream that they are different.

Americans love groupthink and living in an echo chamber.

Americans have absolutely no critical thinking skills, cannot see hypocrisy, do not recognize unintended consequences, do not know history, and deal with cognitive dissonance by using mental gymnastics and making up facts to match their narrative.

Americans insist anyone who supports war, debt, and tyranny is normal and anyone who loves peace, balanced budgets, and freedom is a nutjob and should be censored, get an IRS audit, arrested, or killed.

Americans scream a trade war ended the Great Depression.

Americans insist Hitler was a saint and no one died during WWII.

Americans scream the US never had black people before today.

Americans swear that the US doesn't have any churches.

Americans claim the US always had food stamps, TSA groping, CIA torture, checkpoints, and NSA wiretapping.

Americans say the USA never had a balanced budget.

Americans swear that the US has been at war every day since 1776.

The US is collapsing into mass insanity.

Absolutely disgusting.