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83% cite the only explanation that is ever presented to the public by the main stream media

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I would say they more often blame guns, and also blame the laws for not being stringent enough, or blame the police for not being omnipresent.

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I would say that the gun laws and police enforcement messages are both predicated on the public's reaction to a MSM manufactured perception.

The manufactured public perception: Mentally ill people are a public safety hazard, and that making firearms less accessable to the public will make the country a safer place.

This is not a mental health issue.

Unless, we are questioning the sanity if those police drill hoaxters. I'm not advocate taking their firearms; rather some court-ordered mental health assessments.

Most of these "mass shootings" are police drills.

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Yes, and once people realize these mass shootings are drills, their entire narrative becomes bunk. UK Critical Thinker and Sane Progressive before leaving the internet exposed them for what they were, drills. Until then, the majority will believe what ever the news tells them, with their biases not realizing that they are complicit in staging wntore events.

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The high-profile mass shootings ; the majority of them being piss poor PSYOPS. From Santa Fe, to Pulse hoax, to Fort Lauderdale, to the Thousand Oaks hoax, to parkland ; all hyperactive exercises w/ certain law enforcement and media complicity, orchestrated by DHS HSEEP, FEMA Capstone, NED, w/ crisis management firms.

So, the mental health aspect is a big, fat, freaking lie, pushed by faux republicans like Trump. Mentally ill people for a hundred years have been disenfranchised and victimized. They have been the subject of eugenics in Anglo-American, and Fabianistic ideologues.

Study after study show that mentally ill people have a lower propensity to commit an act of violence than the general population, so, WTFLYINGFUCK, are they talking about?

Men have a higher propensity to commit gun violence than those diagnosed with a mental illness. Drug use in men increases this propensity exponentially.

But blaming so-called gun violence on drug contraband, selling and usage, does not guarantee sweeping measures by the FBI and covert agencies' agenda in preventing a large swathe of the population from ever owning a gun.

This is a VERY, VERY DANGEROUS NARRATIVE. And it is coming from the faux Republicans, such as Trump. Trump has done more for gun-control ; such as the Red Flag laws that obliterate due process, Baker Act Laws, banning of many gun accessories, etc,. than democrats have. And that's the point, his goal is to create a security state, with ever more control in the security and law enforcement sector, whilst the dumbest of conservatives cheer him on.

His proposals are very much like the decrees and laws that were signed in Soviet satellite states, such as the Baker Act and treasonous TAPS Act.

So, with this mental health propaganda narrative of PSYOP mass shootings, it is blatantly obvious that this narrative is simply to cut off a huge swathe of the population from ever owning guns, as well as having the ability to surveil anyone they want at all times. Thanks daddy Trump.

Also, do you have depression or did you, do you have anxiety or did you, do you game too much (too much gaming is now considered a mental illness by WHO), have you ever been diagnosed with a mental health illness in your life time? 50% of Americans have, so that means 50% of people shouldn't have a gun.