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Also they're almost all on SSRIs, as a result of the poor mental health.

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But there are a lot of people with poor mental health not on SSRIs. The percentage among shooters is 100% last I heard. Thats a very strong over representation among the population with mental health problems.

SSRIs seem to be impacting people's sense of perception or reducing their ability to put their decision making in context of consequences, at least for some number of the people on them. Some of those might be choosing to be mass shooters among their many kinds of poor decisions.

Also the benefit vs cost of SSRIs is not studied for long terms. The journals, run by pharma, seem to be uninterested in publishing long term studies. What we are doing is dangerous. Maybe that danger is worth it in some cases, but some practitioners are prescribing them to resolve acute problems. Meanwhile the drug has permanent, long term, and unknown consequences.

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Additionally, more and more common drugs have depression as a side affect. They list suicidal thoughts, but it is not too far a leap to homicidal thoughts as well. Big Pharma, profits over people.

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Do you have a good source on this? I've heard claims both ways.

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Fact #1: Over 90 percent of school shootings have been linked to psychiatric medications with dangerous side effects that include violent behavior and suicidal and homicidal thoughts.