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The American response to the US collapse is to deny that the USA is decaying, praise their beloved government overlords, blame the victims of the police state, and attack anyone who criticizes the government.

Americans simply seem unable to recognize cause and effect.

If the government destroys the economy with regulations, Americans slam private charities that help the homeless.

If the Gestapo arrest someone for smoking at Burger King, Americans blame Burger King.

If the government fails to protect the border, Americans criticize a nonprofit that tries to construct a private border wall.

When the US starts wars that lead to refugees, Americans attack churches that help house the refugees.

When the NSA unconstitutionally wiretaps Americans 24/7, Americans criticize Google.

When the government starts a trade war that reduces US exports and raises prices, Americans criticize China.

When the government uses asset forfeiture, Americans attack the ACLU for suing the government.

Americans don't care if leafblowers are illegal, but they would go bathshit insane if they found out that the punishment for breaking this law was just 1 year in jail.