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What if we just peacefully separate from each other?

It's obvious that the left wants to go in new and a really peculiar direction. I think even they can understand that a lot of what they are talking about is peculiar to the way any society has ever run. But that's what they want to do.

I think they should have some understanding that red states don't want to go along for the ride. And why should they be forced. The blues call them evil for not letting them run their experiments. Why not unleash the left to do what they want, and unchain the red states from being dragged where they don't want to go?

So if your state voted red in the last two elections you will go red, and if blue you will go blue. Each state that has flipped will vote which group of states they will go with. Then non-contiguous blue states can figure out if they want to remain a single country or not on their own.

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I'd suggest the 'war' is already underway and has been for some time. What is missing is the energy to abandon one's security of home, food and clothing and actually go to war; so we have weekend warriors who attend each others' events with the idea of causing trouble.

I saw a meme the other day that was apt: "False outrage- so hot right now", over a picture of city denizens from The Hunger Games.

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I think the issue is that the sides can't organize into war parties. If I wanted to get a white army (think russia) pre-emptively organized just so when things start we aren't behind, how would I organize it without being infiltrated by the government?

The left has the exact same problem. So developing associations of militants is impossible. And those loose associations have to exist for some time peacefully before circumstances thrust them into war.

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Americans seem to either not know about the US collapse, think that the US is not decaying, don't want to know about the decline, or think that nothing can be done to save the USA.

Some Americans want to educate and wake people up.

Patriots who are awake seem to be divided about what to do.

Some patriots think that voting won't work and US immorality, wars, debt, and tyranny won't improve without a civil war now.

Other patriots want to wait because they think that they will have more allies when the US Ponzi economy implodes, guns are confiscated, and Communists are elected.

The future seems to becoming more grim by the day.

Soon Americans who criticize the government will not be able to have a bank account, rent or buy homes or cars, travel, buy a plane/bus/train ticket, get a passport, get a driver license, work, start a business, see a doctor, go to college, receive welfare, or buy a gun.

When the US stock market crashes, banks will close, the FDIC will not be able to cover bank losses, your ATM card will not work, there will be inflation and wage deflation, companies will close, layoffs will soar, homelessness will rise, the government will raise taxes, there will be bail-ins, cash might be banned, gold might be outlawed, negative interest rates, and capital controls.

The electricity, phones, and water may not work.

Riots and protests will break out. Roving mobs will steal food.

The Gestapo will either quit, join the rebels and gangs, or become more brutal.

The government will respond by banning protests, shutting off the Internet, closing churches, banning guns, having warrantless home searches, forfeiture will rise, the police will torture, the border will be shut, concentration camps will be opened, jury trials will be ended, elections will be canceled, and property might be nationalized.

Secession will be considered.

Civil war will break out. A race war might happen. Militias will become armies.

Rogue US soldiers may join the rebels and give advice, inside info, and equipment. Foreign countries may arm US patriots. Rebels might seize US army bases and gun factories.

The US government will try to start WWIII with North Korea, China, Russia, and Iran to distract Americans.

The future is certain. All that is unknown is the timeframe. Will the elites manage to kick the debt can down the road 2, 5, 10, or 30 years?

Americans must start buying guns, gold, and food today or leave the USA.

Pass the word.