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Americans think that they should wait for the US Ponzi economy to implode and then revolt, but Hong Kong and France didn't wait for the economy to collapse before resisting.

Americans are looking for a leader, but leaders aren't the answer.

Hitler killed millions of white people and allowed the Jews to get a victim card and have Israel.

Trump supports immigration, debt, wars, and the police state just like Obama did.

Americans should just do the opposite of what the elites support. Instead of being immoral and dependent and embracing wars, debt, and tyranny, Americans should be moral and independent and support peace, balanced budgets, and freedom.

No one wants to live in a police state, but fighting tyranny can give your life meaning.

You could have been alive in 1880, 1910, or 1920 when everything was improving, but you're alive now and Americans have a duty to fight for freedom.

The elites clearly want to send the 99% to the concentration camps and Americans must make resisting tyranny an obsession.

You can always do more.