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Plus, RT and Maloof a former PNAC neocon signee applauds Trump for his decision. Is that not odd to anyone. So, neocons are neotrotskyites and despise stalin for killing Trotsky who helped to start the red purge. We got a Orthodox Chbad Lubavitch Jew as president now, shilling for Israel every chance he can get, but somehow the resignation of Bolton means Trump is the good guy?

What I'm seeing is infighting between old and new neocons. Both subscribe to trotskyism. Things are odd to say the least.

I really don't think Trump is pro-putin in the meaning that the corporate media tells us he is. I think he is playing a role in the grand theatrical global dialectic to usher in a new system of multilateralism.

We will have to wait and see but what Trump has proposed here in America is akin to what socialist countries have proposed. Then we have the National Bolshevik, alt-right, eurasianist dugin crowd obsessed with their daddy Trump that I believe Trump is a controlled opposition of some sort. Figuring out Obama and Bush was easy. Obama was a fervant neocon who the Kagan's and Kristol's loved. Bush was the same. Trump I'm still trying to figure out. Clearly, he is not what he says he is.

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Trump is the messiah for the Bank of Americas Head quarters in Charlotte, North Carolina look up the mural