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Well hell, boys. Lookie here. We got us a furner in Texas begging us to bust his ass. Let's get a move on!

What an idiot that guy is.

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Americans love their beloved government overlords. The only time Americans get angry when the Gestapo shoots an unarmed American in the back is when the officer is black.

Americans don't care if they must give their fingerprints to travel if Muslims do, too.

One reason Americans hate freedom now is that the media runs horrifying stories about a dangerous problem and downplays concerns about tyranny.

Another reason Americans hate liberty now is because Americans think freedom only benefits others and tyranny only applies to other people.

If you don't wear shorts, you won't care if shorts are illegal.

If you're white, you might think that you're immune from the police state.

If guns are banned, Americans think that they will be safe, but Americans don't realize that gun bans apply to everyone.

Every problem has a knee-jerk reaction, but no one thinks about the unintended consequences.

If wages are low, Americans scream that the minimum wage must be raised. No one cares about prices rising or businesses closing.

If US exports are expensive, Americans say a trade war should be started. No one cares about prices increasing or exports falling.

If smokers die, Americans insist smoking must be illegal. No one cares about freedom or tobacco workers.

If regulations kill the economy, Americans say that there must be welfare.

If welfare raises the debt, Americans say taxes must be increased.

The problem with decrees is that eventually you end up living in a prison.

Now that straws are illegal, do you honestly believe tyranny has stopped? Do you feel safer? Do you think toothpicks or mouthwash will never be banned?

Americans don't realize problems don't require force. Americans do not understand that the free market can provide solutions.

Why not allow workers to decide what wages they will accept?

Why not boycott imports if you hate free trade?

Why not allow nonprofits to educate people about the dangers of cigarettes?

Can't charities provide welfare for the poor?

Was there a minimum wage, trade war, smoking laws, and food stamps in 1910? Did Americans just starve to death in 1910?