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Perth eh? I know some lawyers up there! (SPAM joke)

On a serious note, the media is stirring this shit up for clicks while it just seems a neighbor dispute with a paranoid neighbor taking it to court. It tells you enough that the neighbors who are sued don't want to be interviewed, just left alone.

Carden’s legal battle with her neighbors began last year. Her complaint was tossed out of court earlier this year, and she filed an appeal. The appeal was also rejected in July, but she has vowed to keep fighting.

But this only made 'headlines' a week ago.. Media throwing kerosene on a awkward neighborhood dispute.

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Yeah I agree. So much of MSM news now is literally "someone said something" which I honestly don't really consider news. It is kind of funny though in this particular case, and maybe also indicative of changing cultural trends

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Though the BBQ thing is only focusing on one of her many accusations for which she went to court. It does seem as she is a little ehm paranoid is the best word, thinking those two neighbors are 'against' her as she expresses in the 'interview'.

The media portrays her as some vindictive trustfund-hippie-vegan who needs to be thought a lesson, while it's clearly a disturbed women who needs some help.

I would love to see a BBQ infront of PETA's office, but in this case it's more bullying a disturbed person, like pissing over a sleeping hobo.

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Well they probably are against her now that she's done all this bad stuff to them! If she had just went about her business the neighbors probably wouldn't feel the need to defend themselves against her

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I'm not against the neighbors doing anything, but the Media has made it a Vegan thing and the Facebook Event doesn't seem to be started by the neighbors (who seem reasonable as they didn't engage with the media).

I might be going on a limb(?) that the Facebook Event is started by people who were outraged because the media reported it so poorly. Fake News Click-bait wrecking havoc in a neighborhood that already has a problem to deal with and all the media has brought is more trouble and more unneeded attention. And now the whole world knows about this neighbor dispute, nobody is helped by it and facebook + news agencies are raking in the money.

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I agree with your theory, it makes sense to me. Especially if the meat-eating neighbors didn't start the facebook event, I didn't know that.

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Just to be sure for everyone, I think we reached an equilibrium, the battle was just two people trying to get our own stories straight with the main story, like a conversation, debate even :D As magnora7 yielded to me I yield to it, we agree now.