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Interesting read. Olson-Kennedy should be stripped off her medical license for malpractice and having her trans husband involved. I hope she will get sued one day. That person doesn't even seem to care what happened to her former mentally ill teenage patients as long as it furthers her agenda. Do you remember how you have been as a teen? I thought I have all the answers and didn't know shit. One day I wanted to be like this and the other day like that. I experimented like any healthy teen. Discovered my femininity, sex, men and women. I would never allow my younger self to make life changing decisions at this age.

I don't understand how they let kids (often prepubescent) decide over life changing events without therapy because they feel like a girl or boy one day/ a period in their short lives. This leads me to my next question. How do they know how it feels like to be a girl? Wearing make up and dresses doesn't make you a woman. It is way deeper than just socialization.

I went to a party last Saturday and a male friend explained to me how to get there (on a cemetery). There's a long stretch of a path without lights. I asked him to pick me up because I won't go this path alone. Men and women access risks differently. For him it's just a 5 minute walk whereas I think that any person can kidnap/rape/kill me on this path. We tend to pet our counterparts when we embrace while men tend to pat eachother on the back. There's so much more innate stuff that we are not aware of, and men/boys who cut off their penises will never know. I could pretend to be a man, pretend to have a penis and balls, change the way I walk, change my mannerisms, lower my voice but at the end I will never know how it feels to be a man. I used to put on my hoddie jacket and trying to act like man for security reasons when roaming the streets of South East London at night. I thought that I could pass as a man but my male friends and strangers proved me otherwise. Trying to act tough like a man and hearing people calling me, "Yo, what's up Ash". And I'm just like: "How did they know?! I concealed my hair, hands, changed my walk and they still found out that I'm me. WTF?!".

They can pretend as much as they want and trying to take over female spaces- they will never be one of us.

Transgender/people who suffer from body dysphoria are a tiny but powerful minority that managed to change society. We have to change our languages (the "them' nonsense), female spaces are getting invaded (transmen were allowed to rape females in women's shelters and prisons, they are allowed in our changing rooms before going through the operation-transitioning from male to female from the outside, with dicks and balls).

I don't understand how you/we can allow this shit to happen. Now, I won't visit any gyms, swimming halls because some 6 foot men, with a penis and balls claiming to be women are in the showers and changing rooms I have to share with them. As a former athlete, I discourage my nieces and other females to compete against men that have a natural advantage in our sports. Fuck that! and it will only stop when men are affected. This shit will stop with a swift as soon as men are affected, and it's not only about women feeling uncomfortable in changing rooms or being at a disadvantage in athletic competitions or being raped in our shelters.

As much as I want to claim Female Power(!), my training with men proved me otherwise. There's a reason I chose to spare with the only other woman at my gym than going with the men. One hit, one kick from them, not being careful will send me into the Land of Hurt for days. We both had a silent female agreement to not box eachother in the chest-titties or to hurt eachother. She's a big girl, taller and stronger than my 5"6 but would never go full psycho on me. The men I used to spare with were careful because they know the difference between MAN and WOMAN. Hitting me hard, they would feel bad and I would try to hide my physical hurt.."Yeah, I'm alright! No worries, let's move on!", while hiding my tears and physical hurt. Sparing with 6 foot plus monsters (Jones, Costa, Stipe kinds on juice) taught me that I don't want to compete with men pretending to be women with all the biological advantages.

I used to be in an all female basketball team and letting boys in was a game changer. We started to always win. I used to be an athlete, competing and running circles around boys and girls but it all changed when the boys became men, and my long legs and physical advantages meant shit.

I will never be able to outpower a biological man. I will never be able to outrun a biological man. Why the fuck are those confused, feminine men allowed to compete with us? Why are they (potential Predators) allowed in our spaces? How many times does a man pretending to be a woman have to hurt us? Crack our skulls (MMA trans woman fighting a natural woman, trans-sexual winning in female athlete competition).

I won't accept 6" something men claiming to be girls competing against my peers and invading our spaces. America lost it and Europe follows suit.

ETA: I corrected some of the grammar, added some new stuff and am still pissed about the article. Please forgive me

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One definition of evil is corruption of innocence and destruction of people's lineage (a.k.a genocide). I still remember having an innocent mind, being almost afraid of anything sex related, until I was about to hit puberty and even then it was a slow learning process. What these trans folks are doing to kids is corrupting their innocence, forcing them to think of sexuality too early, and changing their minds forever, and probably setting them up for an identity crisis as they grow up.

I'm all about freedom, and people doing what they want. However, kids are the future, and if you mess with them, you mess with the future of humanity. Imagine an island where everybody is gay and/or trans... that island's population will decline fast and they will go extinct. Corrupting children contributes to the extinction of humanity. It doesn't get more evil than that.

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Reading between the lines a bit, this doctor seems to be performing these procedures on a fair number of teenage runaways.

Which means they are getting public money to perform these procedures?

Which would be part-in-parcel with their political agenda.