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There's nothing wrong with more people finding more joy in life. Until you can show otherwise, there's no reason for anyone to get upset.

I'm certain that what we'll find with the recent "vape lung" hysteria is a pesticide or fungicide with a boiling point near THC. All of the cases I've read about mention THC vapes as a possible cause. Some growers will use any chemical they can get their hands on to save their crops, especially as the price drops as it has been due to to legalization and they get more desperate for revenue.

Extraction with solvents will take any chemicals present along with the cannabinoids and concentrate them into the hash. For vaping, the extract is further processed by fractional distillation, which separates out a substance's various constituents by virtue of their differing boiling points. Any chemicals present with a boiling point similar to THC will end up in the THC fraction. So what we have is a super concentrated extract of THC and some unknown harmful chemical with a similar boiling point that was present on the unprocessed cannabis. Needless to say, super concentrated extracts of pesticides and fungicides should not be ingested.

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There's nothing wrong with more people finding more joy in life.

I agree, but it wasn't what I said. What you're doing is setting up a straw man and attacking that instead of my argument, it's a common tactic and I ain't gonna argue against happiness and joy.