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Something fishy is going on with this guy. Someone on Voat is calling him a Q tard.

Byrne claims he was offered a $1 billion bribe to keep his mouth shut.

Disclosing what happened is cool though, maybe he's tryina do the right thing. Seems like he's stepping down to fix the share price which is cool of him.

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The stock is not in freefall, it has doubled in less than 3 months. It is actually a good stock to buy.

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Article is from ZeroHedge which is pessimistic about everything.

Looks like Overstock took a bit of a tumble from about $25 to $15 earlier this year, but is now at around $21

I find it interesting Byrne's involvement in Russiagate and Hillary in which he gave docs to the DOJ though

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It is really odd. I wonder if he will be the next McAfee? Found out too much. Couldn’t be trusted to stay quiet. Hounded by the Deep State for the rest of his life. He might even commit “suicide”.