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She did point out that Israel being a Democracy does not mean you have to let anyone in your country. Democracies can even put up walls to keep people out.

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She's a controlled opposition. It's obvious. I'm going to post a write-up about her and her cohort. These Zionists in congress give you the illusion of infighting and a power struggle. It's political theater.

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American jews are silent on her remarks as they are almost completely Democrat voters. She does however further the oppression narrative of the Israelites with the antisemitism. Also furthers conservative support of Israel when we have a President who pulled us out of Syria mostly to the consternation of Israel.

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Assad is in good standing with Israel's Likud party it seems. He, like Putin was considered Israeli's man of the year. Which is odd to say the least. Assad, supposedly went against Israeli's wishes as we were told by US media. We also have to consider the Golan heights issue as well as the fact that Russia worked against the wishes of Israel in Syira, supposedly. Russia bombed Syiran rebel and ISIS positions, Israel covertly armed ISIS as has the US through proxy countries such as Saudi arabia and Qater, who were the countries who created the salafist principality we saw in southeast Syria. Saudi Arabia in fact seems to have a good standing with Israeli's Likud party, even working with Mossad. It seems that the US is left out of the loop. That is, with China, Israel, Russia, Syria, and even Iran working on the Belt Road Initiative, with if ever completed would end US geopolitical dominance.

I have noticed people on the left, like Max "9/11 truth is racist" Blumenthal who pretends to be pro-Palestinian, called for the ousting of Assad. He supported the syrian rebels, who were nestled in with Al Nusra front and even Da'esh. His father is a Zionist and a clintonite.

So things are very confusing and something doesn't add up.

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If you look at it from the point of view that Israel wants the Golan Heights oil, everything that has happened makes sense. Once they used the CIA/Mossad created ISIS to topple Assad, they would wipe them out and proclaim themselves Americas greatest Ally.

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Could not agree more. They all vote Democrat , but are virtue signaling Republicans to vote Pro-Israel candidates. Why fight when you can control both sides.