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The US collapse seems to be a battle between the elites and the 99%, freedom and tyranny, and good and evil.

One reason that the Jews seem so successful is because they can always play the victim. The Jews have taken over the world without firing a shot.

The 99% should be more like the Jews.

Can't white people start media companies?

Can't white people start movie studios?

Can't white people start stock markets?

Why not start newspapers about European Christians, avoid hiring Jews, and talk in code?

If Jews are selling immorality, wars, debt, and tyranny, why not promote news stories about morality, peace, balanced budgets, and freedom?

Racists scream that the white population is dying, but Indians outnumbered Europeans in North America in 1492. Why not oppose the immorality and welfare policies that are the killing the desire of white people to have families?

Hong Kong and France are resisting tyranny, but Americans seemed to have surrendered.

Americans might rebel when the US Ponzi economy implodes. Until then, Patriots should resist by educating others by starting websites.

Patriots could move abroad, use prepaid debit cards, proxies, disguises, and fake ID's.

Hackers might attack the bank accounts of the 1%.

Buy guns, gold, and food.

Avoid paying taxes.