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The US is now a police state where everything is illegal and Americans have no rights.

The 1% could confiscate guns and order Americans to go to the concentration camps tomorrow, but the ruling class do not have the manpower and the camps have not built yet.

The elites seem to prefer to slowly kill every possible bit of freedom. Yesterday bump stocks were banned, today silencers will be banned, and pistols will be outlawed tomorrow.

Not only are the ruling powers determined to kill off the 99%, Americans are embracing their slavery with glee.

The media screams the USA must bomb Iran and Americans clap with delight.

The elites say debt doesn't matter and Americans agree.

Trump could decree that every American get their thumbs chopped off with machetes and Americans would jump with joy.

Have Americans ever read a history book?

Americans today could either be a zombie and willing accomplice to US wars, debt, and tyranny and remain silent, attack the government, or look for a way to escape.

What kind of life do you have now when you must lie to your wife about your plans because you're afraid the NSA will hear you on her mobile phone?

Americans need to go hardcore about resisting the police state now.

Increase your privacy and become anonymous.

Use gold, cash, and barter.

Avoid taxes.

Research buying a boat, submarine, or an island.

Try to avoid security cameras, license plate readers, and redlight cameras.

Americans really should try to live like the Amish or a primitive tribe in the Amazon or Vietnam.

Once you have a SSN and a name and the government has your fingerprints and DNA, the elites know who to look for when they launch their final solution against the 99%.

Do you think the ruling class will be able kick the debt can down the road for another 2, 5, 10, or 30 years?