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Knowing what to believe is difficult when everything is a lie.

How do you know who are the real alternative thinkers?

Who do you trust?

Ron Paul seems legit because he is so consistent.

Assange is the real deal because Assange is in jail.

Tulsi, Kokesh, and Amash seem like they are pro-freedom.

Are David Duke and Jordan Peterson for real or are they Deep State puppets?

Alex Jones never criticizes Israel.

Ann Coulter bangs black guys.

Tucker Carlson and Dan Crenshaw look like controlled opposition because they said the right things, but then turned around and endorsed socialism and gun control.

When everything is illegal, everything becomes a joke. No one can obey the law and you might even start breaking the law intentionally. Americans should just leave the US now.

The government just issues decrees and hospitals can charge any price they want.

The whole world is a police state, but the USA has perfected turning tyranny into a profit-making machine. Not buying insurance is illegal, starting a business is illegal, being homeless is illegal, carrying cash is a crime, depositing less than $10,000 into your own bank account is illegal, protesting is illegal, and owning a gun is illegal.

Anyone who breaks the law is sent to a private prison.

Soon US corporations will pollute the air and then sell oxygen bottles.

Americans who refuse to pay taxes to an illegitimate government risk losing their passports.

One difference between the US police state and a foreign police state is that the chance of being arrested is lower in other countries.

Living in a collapsing society makes people give up and let themselves go. Americans drink, do drugs, get fat, and have sex, but Americans would be better off if they were sober and fit.

The one thing Nazis, Commies, and Libertarians can all agree on is that the USA is fucked up beyond all reason.