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I swear, this is SO overt, so obvious - they push the SAME types of "tropes" in movies and TV for years - and then let it happen like this?

I swear, they WANT people to see this as a conspiracy.

I've been saying it for almost a year now - they are MAKING people conspiracy theorists ON PURPOSE - so they can overthrow the "old way" and introduce their "new order" - bright and shiny environmentalist legislation that (appears) free of corruption and hatred - something that will be acceptable to both the left and the right.

Mark my words.

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I AGREE, they probably want a civil war. I have been saying this for years, the old system can't last but a new economic order, multilateral can.

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It seems likely to me that this is how he was killed (or "suicided")

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Autopsy report?

Never mind, it will never exist.

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Maybe a good question is WHO the fuck told them to leave the area...

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Reuters now coming out with an article saying the night guards did not do their checks that evening as scheduled.

At the MCC, two jail guards are required to make separate checks on all prisoners every 30 minutes, but that procedure was not followed overnight, according to the source.

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Sorry title should say "Manhattan" not "Mass.", my error

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Obviously can't believe a word of this. But some will send will even spread it around online because it sounds good

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The source is from a guy called IB on twitter, he wrote:

No i'm not getting some jammed up or possibly hurt.

My sourced info is 1000000% kept safe and secure unless that individual wants name leaked, in this case they do not!

LOL Thus, it's probably fake. And with all the media coverage about how he killed him self and how guards should have known, likely he isn't dead and in Israel somewhere or on a private Island.

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And with all the media coverage about how he killed him self and how guards should have known, likely he isn't dead and in Israel somewhere or on a private Island.

I agree with that. But that doesn't mean the guards weren't ALSO distracted at the time. They had to switch out the look-alike body that was found by emts and wheeled out, perhaps. They had to get him out at some point, but it seems like they found a body too

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But the source for the guards is unnamed.

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I think a far more likely scenario is that he was told to suicide and the guards were told to be absent during a certain time.

After all, he still has family alive, people that he cares for etc. On top of that, they probably threatened his money/valuables which probably should be safe now that he's saved the establishment.

My guess those he hurt will be downplayed now, will see very little money..

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I can't find it now in all the 10,000 things I've read about this in the last days, but there were supposedly two coroner vans--one white and one black. Either someone posted random coroner photos or yet another detail of skullduggery.

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And no one is surprised...

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You realize there's no source for this, probably all made up.

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Reuters is confirming that the guards did not do their duties the evening of his death:

I think they switched him out with a look-alike body, maybe. Or maybe they just killed him

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The article also sources an unnamed source. So, what do we believe?

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I can't think of a good reason for anyone to keep him alive. Dead men tell no tales... What is the upside of keeping him alive?

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He's a trained mossad agent with tons of insane social connections, why would they want to trash all that?

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To stop or seriously diminish what comes out in court. Not that I know the ins and outs of that, especially when the defendant winds up dead.

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True, but if they also have the option to bust him out of jail and kill a look-alike...

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Yep, same end result for the US public I guess. What's crazy is that whatever they are trying to suppress must be worth turning the entire US into MSM doubting conspiracy theorists.

Edit: my guess is that this case jeopardizes the entire US Israel relationship somehow.

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He can't use his social connections if he's supposedly dead.

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Dead man's switch kind of thing?