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So, according to most non critical thinkers on reddit and elsewhere in the physical world one picture of him on a stretcher is all they need as proof of death. I mean, that’s it. He must be dead, they say. Once you, and I know most people do not accept this viewpoint or are undecided, know that they fake the deaths of hundreds of people with carefully created aliases and deceive the public on a mass scale through simulated crisis events (crisis-cast, crisis-cloud, g4s; billion dollar social engineering contracts); USUALLY the exact opposite of the corporate narrative being broadcasted is the truth. So, even though I'm getting off tangent; the high-profile mass shootings and all of the alternative theories of multiple shooters are simply false leads. So, what's the truth? These 'buried' stories about men in black are red herrings to cover up a complete simulated crisis event. You might think it doesn't make sense to generate suspicion by seeding false theories of a conspiracy to cover up a real one - but actually it makes perfect sense - it's all part of creating a smokescreen and discouraging hopes of reaching firm conclusions that conflict with the official narrative. I believe this Epstein narrative is no different.

So in Epstein's case, he's alive. His whole story will probably soon cease to exist, and that’ll be it. And this comes after the research people have done on his Zionist, Mossad and Tel Aviv connections.

MSM will probably never mention his name again. Just like how they never mention the stupid official narratives of the Anthrax attacks, orchestrated by Jewish Zionist and Zionist goy Neocons and Mossad agents, because the coverup is embarrassingly bad. They lied about 9/11, the Iraq war, the Gulf of Tonkin, and they now can legally lie about anything they damn well please.

He and his ”little black book” are just too valuable to disappear.

They just threw us the picture because no one believes Issac Krappy, the Jewish failed Hollywood actor that allegedly jumped to his death is dead either. Mr. Kappy or Krappy's whole schtick like all these reactionaries is to libel and create a fuss about something for the national news to pick up. In this case, pedophilia in Hollywood. Yes, of course pedophilia in Hollywood exists on a massive scale, but Mr. Krappy was playing a role. He slandered specific people and libeled without any evidence, which was a deliberate campaign by him for the media to pick up and call for more online censorship. Funny enough, this sell out did not get censored and was promoted by YouTube, while all the truth seekers exposing Mossad, 9/11, the DoD, Trump, and any other false narrative, especially concerning the PSYOP shootings were deleted. Timed perfectly. (It's also telling that YouTube leaves up videos describing shootings as real false flags w/ deaths, but once you introduce the billion dollar crisis simulation industry and their links to these shootings, bye bye video.)

So, my conclusion with Epstein based on my gut is that they likely faked his death, he’s probably in Tel Aviv where he will continue to rape trafficked children and continue his operations.

And WHERE IS EPSTEIN’S MOSSAD HANDLER GHISLAINE MAXWELL? Seriously? This woman has got to be a suspect of hundreds of federal and international crimes, and no one wants to know if the FBI has arrested her and bringing charges?

People need to understand (and the Zionist controlled media never really exposes any of the details) that Epstein was a merchant a salesman a peddler that sold children or rented them out to elite clientele world wide, probably including Trump, and Bill Clinton. He had so much information, names in particular that would shake the USA to the core if these individuals were found out.

And I've noticed on reddit many hardcore Trump supporters claim that Bill Clinton is guilty, and he killed Epstein to hide it or the DEMS did. All partisan nonsense. Trump was great friends with Epstein and flew on the Lolita express (look up the pedo definition of lolita).

Comment from twitter:

As others figure, he is probably in Israel living it up. If not, somewhere in this world in private. I doubt he was murdered (all of the shills I bet will float that line, yeah some one just offed him yeah justice… yeah…), that would end the ability to ‘Fully Expose Him & His Operations’ as thoroughly as they could. It is possible, for just that reason (to not expose his operations further) but again. I would not trust that is the case, even with that said.

Lets see how, in coming days/weeks/months/years, their shills online and in ‘big media’, mostly Zionists will be trying to ‘END THE DISCUSSION’ on Epstein. That, regardless of if he is alive or not, is the motive behind this from the looks of it. So keep that in mind as well, they want the Discussion of this Terrorist Child Rapist stamped out and ended. We must assure that that does not occur, and that we tell others he is more than likely well and live breathing air and still conducting criminal activities (him being free in and of itself is a terrorist criminal activity, he should not be allowed to freely roam as he pleases but since there is a Jewish Mafia, (there is and great books have been written about this mafia; heavily invested in child trafficking, the diamond industry, and drug trafficking, specifically ecstasy) this Mafia, who have infiltrated the media cover for their fellow Jews, like the Catholic Church does with pedo priests. There's little difference. Christians call out the Church, just as righteous Jews call out the Zionists embedded in our media covering for Epstein.

Also interesting, who all (what names, which individuals) are responsible for allowing him to “Get free”, even if he did “off himself” or “Was offed”. Still, who allowed him to? They should be facing repercussions of course, because they just let a Terrorist Child Raping Thug get free. Whether he is alive or not, they freed him and that is not cool, when Epstein in reality should’ve been dragged out infront of all and exposed publicly to the furthest extent possible, and then Brought to Justice for his Terrorist Criminal activities.

What about it’s cohorts, the others who were involved like that pilot girl (the blonde haired one) and the Ghislane Maxwell(idk if I spelled the Kikess’es name correctly). This is also where what I said prior will come up. They will try to ‘End the Discussion’ on the entire topic. Epstein is gone, no reason to pursue Maxwell or anyone else involved, that is what ZOG will push the narrative of. People will begin to cease discussion on these matters (except those of us who care, and are not imbeciles ho actually believe it “suicide’ed itself”).

I must conclude, knowing what all I know, that he is still alive and well ‘living it up’ in Israel, or somewhere in private.

Last time he “went to prison” was he not (this is public knowledge, I recall) allowed to roam freely for “work purposes” HAHAHA! As if YOU OR ME would get that if they locked us up for say; questioning the holocaust or being a Pro-Constitutionalist activist and standing our ground on our own property for some stupid law that we broke. No, we would be put with all of the worst of the worst criminal thugs just like the low-level drug users or whatever who get put into the prison system or, low-tier thieves (because that will make them way worse of people, more damaged people more than likely).

The Pedophile Jeffrey Epstein and, as we should not forget, it’s Cohorts remain ‘Fugitives from Justice’. Why is that?

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And Bibity Bobity Boo he's whisked off to live out his days as a royal exile.

Well. I dont believe it because I dont want to believe it. This is so entirely plausible it freaks me out.

But the last time he was in trouble he was treated like Royalty when any one of us would have been thrown under the jail until proven innocent.

This country has become so corrupt I dont even recognize it from when I was a kid.

I think ill try to immigrate to the isle of man and never turn on the TV or look at a news paper ever again.

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It is only going to get more corrupt once the dollar implodes.

Well, if you go outside, the birds are atill chirping, ants still crawling and everything seems fine. Maybe learn how to farm. It's rewarding amd you don't have to think about the principalities of darkness loarding over us. Just as long as you pay your taxes, you'll be fine. Unless, they go full sovietism or fascist on us, let's hope not.

Also, the twitter comment Says kike. Not my words. I wouldn't call anyone that. But I can see why he would considering how mad people are.

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Well, many municipalities are making urban/suburban farming illegal by statute, as well as having your own wind turbine or water catchment, etc, and rural areas are being "covenanted" into such tight constraints you might as well live in a suburban subdivision anyway. So basically they want to round everyone up who is even playing at any sort of independence. Land of the free! Yeah! Thanks, Boomers.