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I was seeing some threads about 2 days ago on another site that Epstein had been secretly removed from the country... now those threads are all gone.

I have a hard time believing 1) They let him kill himself, 2) He actually went through with killing himself, and 3) That he wasn't under more intense watch

There's also the obvious motivations of so many people who want him dead... I'm sure they'll sweep this all under the rug though, and instead go with the "disturbed individual" angle now, and the rest of the pedo blackmail network gets away without consequence

edit: Guards told to leave:

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Apparently on twitter nobody believes he's dead and no proof has been provided:

Wait...he was in regular orange prison garb? And how did NY Post know to be there to take the pic? Something weird about this.

See above link. Something is clearly wrong and I wouldn't doubt it's all an act like most corporate news stories. Sources said, sources familiar with sources thinking, unnamed witness state, an unammed intelligence officer said, etc, etc. clearly something is wrong here.

I don't believe anything anymore until I can prove that what the media says is true, even though they can legally lie and create fictional stories. They are filled with revolving door CFR and DoD personal.

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Yeah those pictures could be faked. There's a million possibilities, it's difficult to know anything when it seems like every media source is lying so much, but I guess that's by design.

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I agree with points one and three, but two? He was likely going to get the maximum sentence if his plea deals failed, which is 45 years (essentially, life for Epstein) according to the press conference by Geoffrey Berman, the U.S. attorney, and he had many people who wanted to kill him. It's not implausible that he genuinely wanted to die in order to avoid sentencing or getting tortured by very powerful people.

But I agree with points one and three, and believe his suicide is very implausible.

By the way, his lawyer apparently proposed a maximum 5 year sentence if he named individuals. If this is true, it renders the suicide case as extremely implausible (as he would have at least waited for the answer), but this is only a suggestion by the OANN. Can further investigation be done into it?

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The only reason I think 2 is unlikely, is because in 2007 he got off for about the same as he's in now. So if I were him, I'd have some expectation that I could eventually get out.

Plus if he did it himself, he would've had to have had the means by which to do it, and in max security prisons they don't allow that, especially if he was on suicide watch a week earlier.

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With all the public attention to the case, I doubt they would do so. But it's possible he manages to bribe the jury or something to give him a good deal or find him innocent. Possible. I would at least try that, if I were him. Especially since only his properties are being forfeiture-d, I believe, but I am no expert in law. If indeed his money is forfeiture-d, (or he doesn't have enough money), it is unlikely the trial will be in his favour (unless the judge and/or jury are connected to him as well), so the only way to get a good deal would be to name others. If indeed the latter is the case (and the judge and/or jury aren't connected to him), or Epstein believed it would be the case, the only way he would think to get a good deal would be to give out names, which would put a target on him, and even if he legally got off, he would likely be in danger for the rest of his life. Wouldn't suicide be best if that is the case?

As for the means, I totally agree.

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Luckily we were able to see these trials in comic book sketches.

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His lawyer APPARENTLY...

Yeah, I'm going to believe Epoch Times, a known alt-right wing propaganda site whose source for this 5 YEAR claim is the Zionist and propagandist Jack Posobiec.

The site reads:

Jack Epstein’s lawyer has already made a proffer to SDNY,” OANN host Jack Posobiec said in a July 8 Twitter post. SDNY refers to the Southern District of New York.

So, believe Jack Posobiec because yeah, just believe him.

Posobiec tweets:

Epstein will agree to cooperate with the investigation, including giving up the names of individuals that paid for activities with underage girls in exchange for a maximum sentence not to exceed 5 years,”he continued, without indicating where he got the information.


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I'm not saying to believe him.

The more I looked up Jack, the less reliable he seemed. I was just hoping someone could find something else, perhaps finding where Posobiec got his information. I mean, I guess we could contact the OANN, but divulging a zip code is too much for me. I'm having trouble finding his phone number as well. Guess I just wanted Epstein's motive to be hogwash as well.

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LEt's remember that the propaganda machine only needs to sow seeds of doubt. They have long known the effectiveness of doing so by any means, and rinse repeat as often as possible, to throw people off balance. It is a known tactic that occurs constantly.

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That source is unammed and could easily be made up and likely is.