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The US will collapse.

The church and government are corrupt.

Religion is important because the government could keep you legal, but what keeps you moral? While cheating on your wife can get you arrested, burning in hell forever could also be a deterrent.

Maybe a new religion should be started modeled like the Amish.

This new religion could follow Zeus or Thor. Nazis hate Christianity because Fascists think Christians are just tools for the Jews. Islam is also an option because Muslims are not fond of adultery, alcohol, or homosexuality.

Maybe this new religion could to be set up in a small farming or fishing town in a country like Russia or Poland and require members to be nameless and wear traditional robes. Cars and modern machines like computers, phones, radios, cameras, and microwaves would be forbidden. Morality and being conservative would be very important.

Any young people who decide to leave and explore the world would need to be strongly warned that to do anything legally they would need to give up their anonymity forever to participate in society by getting a name, SSN, giving a DNA sample, and fingerprints if they want to bank, drive, fly, travel, work, study, get healthcare, or marry.