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Americans scream China wants to take over the world, but if you spent half your life in China and half of your life in the USA, you would say that the US is clearly more dangerous.

Who has the larger defense budget? China or the USA?

How many countries is China bombing now? How many countries is the US at war with today?

Does Israel control the US or China?

Does China control Hollywood?

Does China control the media?

Does China control Wall Street?

Is Chinese the international language?

Does China influence the culture of the world?

Does China or the US have more allies?

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Yo u/TheWebOfSlime

We haven't heard from you for some time.

Hope you're done alright.

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Getting back into things. Thanks for checking in. Family member got shot in combat. Lots of gaps to fill. All working out okay, though.

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Glad to hear things are on the mend.

I wishing you the best of luck, as you get back into your new normal. ;-)

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Fukushima is STILL leaking. How can this be bigger?