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Headlines like that make saidit look like voat... name calling is pretty low on the pyramid of debate, you can do better!

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Yes I should have mentioned the first WTC attacks the 1993 Truck bombing of the World Trade Center Bombing, they also got into bed with the jihads and fucked that one up, the CIA also responsible here, they probably messed up with those religious Davidians that ended with 76 people dead, Hoover got deep into global politics, attacked anti-Vietnam organizers, activists of the Civil Rights a book The Looming Tower, covers the failures of 9/11 admitted true by mainstream media and the government, not just a conspiracy.

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That's exactly what I was thinking. The original title it had cross-crosspost was much better and didn't seem like just name calling.

Edit: Fixed a spelling error

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It's not name calling if it's the truth.