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I learned something the other day, you know that Spanish Flu that killed like 20 million people at the end of WW1? Did you know the first cases of that originated from a US military base in Colorado? There's a lot of speculation it was a bioweapon that got out of hand.

I wouldn't be surprised to see the same thing here.

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The US military was also going to drop anthrax cakes on German cities, and had estimated deaths of over 3 million people. Luckily they didn't because of germany's unwillingness to use biological weapons on western allies such as the US.

Fuck any scientist who creates weaponized diseases, do something better with your life.

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Agree 100%. I didn't know about the anthrax cakes thing, that's interesting. I'm glad they didn't do it.

I watched this video, I just posted it here:

The US apparently caused a sharp increase in cancers from nuclear weapon testing across 3,000 US counties, as the fallout cloud went across the entire US.

And they did it again, and again, and again.

When you really look at it, it's clear the military-industrial complex regards the citizens as cattle to be experimented on at their whim.

Anyone who participates in this type of crime against humanity should feel deep, deep shame.

The US hurt more of it's own people with nukes than it ever has hurt others! Maybe even if you include the 220k people killed in Nagasaki and Hiroshima.

The more aware I become of this stuff, and how it's hidden from us, the less and less regard I have for anyone in any position of authority. Power-seekers destroying experimenting with the lives and deaths of innocents in their own country, just so they can feel a little more powerful.

Absolutely disgusting.

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The weird part of it is that the ruling class is often not protected from this stuff. Sometimes they can be, but mostly they're just like us.

It could be argued that an athlete must suffer injuries and pain to grow stronger, or that all kids learn that fire hurts, but going too far out on the limb in the process of discovery when clearly there are risks, eventually...

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They didn't get the infected vaccine.

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The Spanish flu wasn't a flu. It was a vaccination spread Rockefeller funded vaccine injected bacterial menengitus lung infection.

The Truth Revealed About the Deadly 1918 Spanish Flu: It Was Actually Bacterial Pneumonia

Also, the flu wasn't identified as a virus until roughly 1934.

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Part of the con job is that some think they're finding the cure.

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Fuck any scientist who creates weaponized diseases, do something better with your life.

Hear, hear!

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Yeah guys, let us trust the competent and trustworthy Department of Defense to investigate this matter of bioweaponization, like they and the FBI did with the false flag anthrax attacks. As a matter of fact Woolsey and all the Zionist neoconservatives after 9/11 made the use of unconventional warfare (chemical and biological) an offical program after it went underground with Richard Nixon's legislation which barred and stripped offensive and defensive biological warfare program funding. But yes we should always trust them, because they have our best interests in mind, right?

The bill directs the Inspector General (IG) of the Department of Defense to investigate the “possible involvement of DOD biowarfare labs in the weaponization of Lyme disease in ticks and other insects” from 1950-1975.

It was weaponized to be more virulent, that's a given but in order for them to admit such a thing, the entire economy would collapse because so many Borreliosis patients would sue or have a reason to get treatment rather than be denied. 300,000-420,000 annually are diagnosed and up to a million annually that acquire the infection but are never diagnosed. That's a lot of people with a lot of problems deemed unknown etiology diseases.

According to Smith, he was “inspired to write the amendment”—now part of the House-passed 2020 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA)—by “a number of books and articles suggesting that significant research had been done at U.S. government facilities including Fort Detrick, Maryland and Plum Island, New York to turn ticks and other insects into bioweapons.”

Yeah, the NDAA. The unpatriotic, unconstitutional legislation that legalizes the domestic U.S as a war zone and every citizen a belligerent but broad definitions, that passed the Smith Mundt Modernization act of 2012 in the NDAA legalizing domestic propaganda and PSYOP's. Meaning they can now officially make up stories and pass them off as real on the news. The media is indeed a psyop.

Also, Bitten the book is nothing new. She blames the freaking Russians for weaponizing the ticks. Her husband created TiVo, he's got some shady connections. So many psyops that will get nowhere.
Also, I mentioned who was involved in this racketeering Lyme crime in the 90's and I called it a cabal, she told me to stop using antisemitic code words, LOL. And she pushes the Lyme vaccines fraud, which doesn't work because of antegenic variation, think the spirochete syphilis. They are ALL HUMANS WANTING TO MAKE A PROFIT OFF OF THOSE SUFFERING AND OFF OF A CRIME. Humasn are selfish. Peace. I've had three close friends around me who had borreliosis, one died from heart block due to borrelia.

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That's interesting. One more bioweapon history to learn about.

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More at /s/Lyme

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Holy crap, this is fantastic! I never thought in a million years this would come to the house!

I'm a thousand percent convinced this is true, as it would explain the decades of denialism, gaslighting, and sabotage of medical care for chronic patients by the IDSA and mainstream medical world.

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Nothing will come of it. It's all a limited hangout and always has been. Lyme is a made up disease Lyme was created in 1994 at the dearborn conference. What do I mean? Lyme disease is borreliosis burgdorferi relapsing fever which was known before 1994, but they falsified the definition to pass off lymerix knowing the fake lyme vaccine that killed people and was taken off the market would be effective via fraud. You see, they falsified the diagnostics, knowing that 85% of neuroborreliosis patients do not test for a certain antibody threshold. They rasied it so, the HLA linked genetic borreliosis patients would test positive accounting for 14% ehilst the neuroborreliosis anergy type would test negative 85%. Now you have an effective 85% effective bogus vaccine that killed people. Most of the patent holders and racketeers were Zionists too. Everyone I've looked into who conspired in this racketeering operation was a zionist except 4. There were around 50 involved and larger organizations and medical establishments indirectly involved. ,

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I feel bad for lyme activists because they are playing into the hands of the cabal by using the term Lyme. It should be called borreliosis relapsingn fever, and neuroborreliosis if it passes thr BBB. Lyme wasn't weaponized it was a falsified case definition to fuck everyone for profit. Borrelia burgdorferi was weaponized.

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