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Another revenue-generator for lazy cops.

It's already illegal to run into and over things/people with your car. What if you're holding a soft drink, a map or a french-fry?

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You almost need a degree in Collapse Science to study all the angles of collapse.

The elites want to kill off the 99% and no one cares. The US is a bankrupt warmongering police state now and Americans walk around like everything is normal.

There is no rule of law now, but Americans are so distracted, depraved, degraded, divided, immoral, and ignorant that they celebrate every abuse and praise every new decree.

Americans don't need to be forced to buy the phones and anti-depressants that enslave them.

The ruling class turned the USA into a police state 1000 ways slowly by arresting farmers for plowing fields and photographers for taking pictures and suddenly by constructing NSA wiretapping.

The elites didn't suddenly ban guns. The ruling powers took guns from criminals, the homeless, teens, the mentally ill, blacks, the elderly, sex offenders, drunks, potheads, illegal immigrants, and Muslims gradually.

When you live in an environment like this, freedom-loving patriots might think that they must leave since changing the system is difficult.

Who would patriots attack if there was a revolution? Government buildings? Who are the elites? Zuckerberg? Buffet? Bezos?

Americans scream that the border could never be closed because the USA is too big, but size didn't stop the USSR from being locked down.

How do people in North Korea and Cuba live in police states?

Americans need to be like the Japanese soldiers in WWII who escaped and lived in the jungles in the Philippines for 30 years.

The ruling class just needs to tighten the screws a little more.

Soon the US will have national ID cards, passports will be revoked, and domestic travel permits will be required.

Every American will be required to submit a DNA sample, give fingerprints, get microchip implants, and be registered in a facial scan database.

Internet filters will first be required on all computers, mobile phones will be banned, and then the Internet will be shut down.

Free speech and protests will be illegal.

Reporters will be arrested.

Government loudspeakers will be installed on street corners to broadcast propaganda.

Newspapers, magazines, and TV and radio stations will be closed.

Churches will be shut.

Books will be burned.

All guns will be required to be registered and then banned.

Wiretapping will increase.

Neighborhood watch groups will be set up, undercover police will be everywhere, and warrantless home searches will become routine.

Taxes will be raised.

Cash will be banned, there will be negative interest rates, bank fees, bail-ins, capital controls, and gold will be outlawed.

Torture and extra-judicial assassinations will become routine. Government drones and robots will patrol everywhere.

Lawyers will be arrested.

Elections will be cancelled, juries will be banned, courts will have show trials, and congress will be eliminated.

Private property will be banned.

Americans will be required to wear uniforms and attend study sessions.

Concentration camps will be opened and Americans will be starved and killed.

Since everything was illegal in the Soviet Union, Russians just gave up and the USSR collapsed.

Those who fail to learn history will be doomed to repeat it.

The US will look like North Korea does today.

Some Americans may have thought that tyranny would never come to the US because the rich, celebrities, media, politicians, and American people would resist.

Who would have thought that the rich would loot the country by getting bailouts and subsidies while being the ones conspiring and building the police state by paying actors, singers, and atheletes to distract Americans with bread and circuses, using reporters to push propaganda, real crises, and false flags, and buying off and corrupting politicians with campaign donations and cushy job promises to start wars, import refugees that weaken and divide the US, drive up the debt, make laws that enslave Americans, and throw crumbs to pacify the 99% in the form of food stamps, Obamacare, Obamaphones, and public housing?

The destruction of the USA is nearly complete.