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QUOTE: "Gunn made her arguments flanked by several county police officers in full uniform, bullet-resistant vests bulging through brown and white shirts, a reminder to the jurors of how dangerous policing can be."

Fuck, instead of how dangerous of a job, how about down right intimidation of the jury!!!! LMAO!!!!! Ameristan today!!!

On that note, my father had surgery 2 years ago, the hospital called in a 'welfare check' on me, which resulted in a very odd encounter with a deputy showing up, as I was outside only in underwear(out in the stix). "are you, 'you', yes I am, hospital wants you to pick up your father"......

The problem with that is the day before I talked to his surgeon, who said they needed to keep him a few more days to check for any sepsis.

Welcome to Ameristan!

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Does anyone get the feeling that the Smollett, free college, and Epstein stories are just diversions from the real issues of debt, wars, and the police state?

There is so much evidence that the USA is collapsing now that you can't ignore it, but no one does a damn thing.

Something epic is coming like the French Revolution, US Revolution, the Civil War, WWII, or the Soviet collapse.

There is no serious effort to end the wars, reduce the debt, or restore the Bill of Rights. The elites are getting everything they want and the 99% don't care.


Maybe there is no hope, but one wonders if Americans cannot at least make an effort to think of solutions or wake people up so that they can prepare instead of just waiting for a spark that leads to collapse.

Can't anyone say anything?

Why not print up bumper stickers, pass out flyers, protest, go on hunger strikes, rent billboards, or make a website?

Couldn't there be a free market solution to the collapse? Couldn't there be mass awakening? Shouldn't freedom go viral?