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when those same idiots get into a fight/their as kickt or something got stolen from them THEN they gonne shout for HELP from the same cops, what a hypocrite assholes

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Have you ever called the po-lice? Not talking regular people, or off duty, I'm talking on duty?

15 years ago, someone opened fire outside my home, I called 911. They said, 'shoot back'.

Same general area, somewhat rural, I had a violent assault with a guy that I had contracted with, they were drunk, and started beating on me, attack, walk away, attack, walk away. It stopped, when I told them to back off, and that I was armed, don't take one step towards me again. There were 3 of the fuckers, against myself, on my property, in the woods. The one beating, would engage, walk away, engage walk away, the other 2 were trying to get in behind me; from the start, I was trying to figure out wtf they thought they were doing, as they were on my property on a Friday night, without any notification.

It was close, I was going to kill the one, and wasn't sure about the other two; who tried to circle me. I gotta say, it wasn't pleasant, but damn an adrenaline rush. My right hand with flashlight was violently shaking, which I remember thinking, 'wow', I can't stop this, but ended up able to move it in a circular motion, maybe it looked intimidating, cool, or like, 'oh shit'. My other hand on my gun, and I was concentrating on; 'pull your shirt clear, hand on safety, draw, safety off, center mass.' I kept repeating this thought to myself.

His response was 'I'm gonna end you, with my AR, and walked off in the night to his truck'. I called 911 at the point I stopped them with that declaration, and he made his statement, and walked towards his truck; the other two were still right there, and my left hand with light was on the bigger guy, center mass.

I thought, 'fuck', as I only had my 45, 1 in the chamber, and 7 rounds in that mag, and only 6 rounds in my extra magazine. The only thing left to do was call 911; it worked alone, as I vocalized what I was going to do.

All I had for cover were trees that weren't bigger than 10"; a .223, or 5.56 will cut through that like butter. It was shoot him in the back as he walked in the dark out of view, or what???? Call my partner, tell them I love them, and what's happening as the gunfire starts, or 911 so at least I could tell them who killed me; so I called FUCKING 911.

That was enough for the other 2 who encouraged the 3rd drunk guy to leave. A god damned deputy called me back 20 fucking minutes later, and the first words out of his mouth were, 'you contracted with him'......

I was like, "yes, a fucking contract to log my property, not be assaulted by a drunk fucker". They never came out. never came out. I had, and have audio recording of the event, and turned all of that into the prosecutors office. Not a god damned thing!

All three of the fuckers know I carry now, and I carry heavily since then. I don't go on my rural land without rocking out a glock 30, 1 extra mag, and an AR for my rv at night. It burns my ass, that the county didn't do anything.

The '3rd guy', is a phineas priest piece of shit, who's bragged his land was paid for from the banks robbed in the 90's in the northwest. I've relayed that information as well, did the fucking cops do a god damned thing???????? NOPE!

As to these cops in starbucks? Well, that's just silly, but are they saviors? FUCK NO; even if the 'law' is on your side, it doesn't meant shit; a cop is on duty, and they've got a quota; they ain't your friend, and will lie, as well as twist what you tell them.

Keep contacts with them friendly, and polite, but don't tell them anything. None of us are thinking 'legalease' when talking with them, but they are!

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they siad"Shoot back"your sure you where not High on Drugs or forgot medication e.g.?...if your right, well thats what you get when your allowed to OWN and cary guns, if thats wasnt allowed the 911 could not have say that 😄... i hope. But thats a heavy situation you had dude, i think you handled it very cool, its always different when it happends in real life-compare to some target practise. i can understand why people cary/have weapons in the USA, but its also like when 1 person is allowed to have weapons EVERY1 will have weapons,so if it was NOT allowed for ANY1 most people would not have a weapon,MOSTMOST certainly would not cary/walk arround with 1 like its normall,but thats my oppinion. but thanks for your story aldo i wander what it has to do with Cops on duty who try to have a cop of coffee? lol but you also say that do.......i am curious about WHY would some1 become a cop, often its people who do so because their father was- like some1 who's father is a fisherman will prob become a fishermen and not a cop. I dont think all the cops are the same, their must be some who do this work because they want to help people or livfe in a save community, but their must be cops who do this because they like the excitement- and that can be dangerous- when i see cops who arrest people with drugsneedles or who are so drunk they vomit on you or have filty decieses or who want to die....i think fuck those people why would i want to be in contact with them/risk myself for people who dont give a fack themself... no NO cop job for me...(ps pardon for any wrong grammar. i just got out of bed...and im not English) 20 minutes later? and they say "WHATS THE EMERGENCY"?..........please hold..please hold...your the 8th person in line...please hold there are 7 people for you...please hold

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My only point in sharing the stories, was my own personal statement as to what I've experienced.

I live out west, not coastal west, but inland, the area has a reputation for outlaws, thugs, and dregs.

In regards to the first call so many years ago, the gun fire occurred, we called 911, their question was, 'is it still happening'. The answer was no, it happened just before we called. They said, 'then it's not an emergency', and we'll have an officer contact you to take a report when given time. "Take a number" was the clear message. We asked, what are we supposed to do if they're still around, that's when we got the 'shoot back' bullshit.

As far as 'armed', or 'weapons', I don't blame guns, I blame low IQ, and lazy people who unfortunately know cops aren't what the general public think they're for. I've lived in 'gun free' countries, where there are a lot of poor farmers; they carry machetes, and in those countries, machetes are used in assaults; those, and knives.

Guns will never go away, they simply exist, and are a tool; just as a machete, or even large trucks used to mow people down; I guess, even acid, as it has a real purpose, but is used to maim, and disfigure others.

You cannot get away from violence, it's just part of existence.

I mention all of this, as in the USA, we're fed a constant stream that the police provide some sort of 'god-like', 'selfless' service. This just isn't the case.

They always operate not off the Criminal Code of their jurisdiction, but also internal operating procedures; this 'second set of books', is what they use to basically trump up charges on someone. Take the concept of 'loitering', you see these 'no loitering' signs everywhere in America, basically, 'don't stand here, or we'll call the cops'.

Well, you don't get charged, or arrested for loitering by itself. They, the police, using their second set of books, will charge you with "Loitering, and PROWLING".

So, and you can look this up, there have been people, to be safe, have pulled off into a closed commercial parking lot at night, trying to figure out where they're at(lost), and cops show up. They not only get charged with loitering, but to insure the ticket 'sticks', adds the prowling on top of that. If you go look up prowling, it's very very very very very bad, and basically is that you've been 'casing', or been caught in the act of 'Surveillance for the future use of robbery'.

That's not fair, that's not justice, that's the act of a road pirate. Remember, the original pirates were ordained under the British Crown; Black Beard would be proud!

As to the night of my issue, the deputy literally told me, that 'he had another call that he must handle first, I asked what, as I thought 'wtf'. He said, he was 'assisting another officer on a DUI'(this was after he said he'd be out, and never came, 3 hours later). The funny thing with this, is the guy that drove off from my place was drunk, stoned, and apparently armed. The state I live in, I can personally with the assistance of an officer, write a citizens ticket; which does hold up in court.

The basic issue, is we live in the mountains, they don't like coming out here, and actually in many places, they won't go alone.

From there, we've got modern day incidences, like the resource officer at the Parkland shooting; he didn't offer aid, he ran for cover, and hid.

My point to all of this, I can comprehend many people disliking police. I'm not sure that I would ever call them again myself. I know the pieces of shit that I had the run in, are beyond petty, and dangerous, and even with audio recording, I got nothing from the police, or county.

So while the Starbucks thing is silly, and I agree fully it is, my only point is, cops aren't saints, and yes, many people have good reason for not liking them.

Having that said, I actually appreciate people like you, who as I assume a regular joe, common person, do like them. I actually thank you for writing positive things about them, I thank people who thank military personal for their wars of conquest, I mean 'freedom'.

The reason being, I think they're all dangerous, but to treat a dangerous person, or group with only spite, and you'll end up with rabid dogs. So in my eyes, by thanking them, I do believe it humanizes, and humbles them as a 'whole'. And yes, I do realize there are good people in the mix, but like any industry, the majority of people simply aren't that good at their jobs by way of iq, genetics, upbringing, or who knows what; they gotta be handled with kid gloves.

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you know better then me , i dont live in the US and i seen a lot of crap stuf about police/sherrifs who locked up people just because they diddent like them or stuff, so yeh im just happy not to live in the USA,i do see some positive stuf on programms like "Body cam"or Live PD"or something, but i bet they take out any wrong police acting stuff and dont show that on those programms

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I think all I was trying to point out, is we all are just human, and all prone to error. I've lived in other countries, and have paid bribes where it was simply the normal, or customary thing to do.

Overall, I'm convinced most countries are corrupt; perhaps simply by way of human nature, fractional reserve banking, and greed.

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If you dont live in the US then why do you talk like you do? You dont have a horse in this race why are you butting in like you got a dime on it?

Why do you feel the need to comment on things you know little about?

I bet you are the kind of guy that always has a better story than everybody else at a party.

Pro advice: Go talk in forums where you know about what is going on instead of showing your ass in places that you dont.

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so i cant say i think its silly thats cops got kicked out and can drink cop of coffee because i dont live in USA? and i seen a lot of documentaries and reality/life tv ,i prob know more then some redneck idiots.........and first all is good and now you know im not from USA i must fuck of...i only said what i think about it, never said it is this or is wrong with you americans think USA is the world and your better then the rest of the world , you think we dont have cops ,you think i dont know what a gun is you think i cant understand what its like just because it diddent happend to me?...and pro advice MY ASS i comment where ever i want YOU dont decide that

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Then you can keep talking about shit you know nothing about. Just Bloviating like some village idiot

Its funny how not long ago the rest of the world couldn't wait to come here. couldn't wait to BE US. And now that we are going through some growing pains as a young country you want to throw shade. Take advantage while we are up and Kick us when we are down. No wonder my nation is getting more Xenophobic.

I can see your Envy. This isn't the first time I've seen you say that your glad your not American. Well for somebody that doesn't want to be one of us you sure like to put in your two cents about us.

So you've seen some documentaries? OH IM SORRY. You are correct - you know WAY more about things that are going on than Those Of Us Who LIVE here. My bad, dogg. Because Documentaries NEVR miss-inform or have a skewed perspective.

SO no I cant tell you where to go or where to comment but you know nothing and just sound like a:


The Arrogance of those of you who think you are better than us because you dont live here and you act like you know what's going on and that your countries dont have huge piles of shit in your own back yard.

You have Garbage humans where you live. You have shit politicians where you live. You have financial issues where you live.

Get off your high horse and go fuck it.

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i dont uderstand why you see things as USA against the rest of the world, we live on 1 Planet and should live like that. I KNOW i dont want to live in the USA, its a beautifull country but the LAWS and other crap...NOW WAY.....and WTF i wasnt even responding to YOU, why the fack do you intervene..., and if you react to me i can react to you, thats how it works in the real life, you cant react to me and then say i cant react to you because you are from the USA and im not...and i never say im better then any1 else American or other, you say i said that, but thats how you people talk, puting words into others mouth and thought inot others brains Typical Trump stuff...and i dont have a you have 1...maybe a small pony..dick high

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You leave my pony outta this!

Here is the thing, man. And this is honestly what we have going on. They are Militarizing our Police force. Cops are becoming more about getting the numbers and at just about any cost. They heave been caught forcing a crime to fit an individual who was not guilty - especially if they are of color.

Our police have become less "Officer Friendly" and more "Commandant McShithead". There is almost no way to disgrace the uniform these days. Bad cops can go from one Precinct to another to another and just keep doing dirty shit.

Is this a good time to live in America? No. No it isn't. Unless you are a white guy like me - I mean, I gotta say for me right now I can do almost no wrong. But for people below the poverty line that have no trade, people who are sick, people who might be just the slightest shade of brown, you know - 45% of the nation. Yea it is not good.

The only choice is to leave or keep fighting. If you leave things cant get better here, because there will be nobody to fight the bullshit.

Then we've got the rest of the world that lumps all Americans into one bucket and stereotypes us with the loudest most obnoxious 1/3 of our population. Your Nationalist bullshit and prejudice just sound more like the same shit we are fighting against here. And you want to butt in like you know something. I mean - I wouldn't even try to comment on the local politics of wherever you are from - because I dont know the fine details that the News and "Documentaries" just cant cover.

So you come here with your limited knowledge talking like you know something along with your prejudices, The comparison is like a grade schooler trying to compare notes with College Sophomores. Your Documentaries cant compare with real world experience.

I suggest you get a visa and come live here six months and get some real world experience. See how you like our Police force these days. See what Real Americans are like. You got an accent? Hell you might leave here with a couple girlfriends. You could have the same Love/Hate relationship with our nation we do. AND you would have a leg to stand on when ShitPosting about the good ol USA.

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15 years ago, someone opened fire outside my home, I called 911. They said, 'shoot back'.

That's great advice seriously. Did you want them to telport you out of there?

The rest of your complaining about cops has nothing to do with cops and everything to do with the US transitioning to a 2nd world country. If you want high quality police you need to live in a 1rst world high trust white country. There's no police force in the world equipped with dealing with a 'multicultural society' and there never will be.

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That's great advice seriously. Did you want them to telport you out of there?

The rest of your complaining about cops has nothing to do with cops and everything to do with the US transitioning to a 2nd world country. If you want high quality police you need to live in a 1rst world high trust white country. There's no police force in the world equipped with dealing with a 'multicultural society' and there never will be.

What did I want? As a taxpaying property owner, paying ridiculous taxes, I expect service for money paid.

The very fact that officers are always there for traffic control, domestic abuse calls, which do rip families apart, as many states have '1 goes to jail laws', and are busy killing people on welfare checks(which I can link), I would say, it has nothing to do with race.

As far as what you call white countries with upstanding police, is that in Sweden, Germany, Norway, Italy, Spain, France, UK, or where? As documentation is easily searched of authorities discourage people from reporting migrant crime.

As far as the 'open fire' comment by 911. Let me say, they were morons, and if you believe that what was said gives anyone the 'right' to do so, well, you'd be the idiot sitting behind bars, and if you did indeed hit someone, even justified, you will be sued for the balance of your homeowners insurance, and just about your entire estate; that's if you don't live in mommies basement.

From there, again, what sort of idiot would take that advice, go outside out of cover, and open fire on???? Did I know what was going on exactly? No, did the 911 operator know what was going on exactly? Who knows what was going on, it could've been a murder, a drug deal gone wrong, perhaps another homeowner defending themselves while in pursuit of someone who stopped, turned, and confronted them.

You may go back to watching Rambo, or jacking off to 'missing in action now'. Or is it 'livePD'? With a single post, you spoke volumes in regards to watching too many action movies, LOL!

EDIT TO ADD MORE...muhahahahha: Police by their very presence can discourage crime, I note walmart, has them all the time available on a moments notice, while property owners who're robbed, assaulted, or what have you, often times never can get a cop to come out. The criminals realize this, and are empowered.

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Probably, but in reality it's best practice to stay as far away from cops as possible in every circumstance.

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This is a great way to protest police brutality.